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Tesla drivers caught speeding more often than Porsche drivers

Tesla drivers caught speeding more often than Porsche drivers

They hum through traffic and we all have to get used to a completely different background noise on the roads in the future. Instead of loud engines, electric cars hum much more discreetly. The disadvantage: as a driver, you also have to get used to different background noise in the vehicle, otherwise you will be caught speeding more often.

Teslas are very popular in the Netherlands, not only with drivers, but also with the authorities. The reason for the joy: Tesla drivers tend to speed and are at the top of the Dutch speedster rankings with drivers from Audi, BMW and Volvo. It is also interesting to note that as many as three-quarters of the 9,000 Tesla owners in the country were prosecuted in 2018 for exceeding the speed limit.

androidpit tesla model 3 inside
Not only the noise is different in a Tesla, but also the operating concept including the information system. / © AndroidPIT

However, these statistics do not mean that Tesla drivers are reckless speeders. It's more the unfamiliar nature of the vehicle. In an electric car, the driver's senses are addressed in a completely different and unusual way for most people. No engine noise gives the driver only a discreet indication of the approximate speed at which he is driving. Gear changes also provide information about the speed. Driving an electric car has to be learned if you are a long-time driver of a car with a combustion engine.

Have you ever driven an EV and experienced this? Let is know.

Source: Dutch News

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  • storm 11 months ago Link to comment

    I'd blame it more on the automation. They set a high speed and
    aren't paying close attention to the traffic cues that indicate police presence. And so they get caught because they're not actively driving. Only passively

    Most modern combustion cars run freeway speeds at 2k RPM. This is fairly quiet and why makers add fake engine noise to make the consumer feel like the car is behaving in a more traditional manner.

    Most drivers get used to a particular experience of the road rushing at them. If you then drive a car with a higher seating position, it feels slower than a car lower to the ground at the same speed. So I think the primary speed clue is visual, not sound.

    And Tesla drivers are less attentive to detail because the car lets them.