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Tesla update improves lane assistant and anti-theft protection

Tesla update improves lane assistant and anti-theft protection

Tesla rolls out a series of software updates for its vehicles. These make it easier to operate the Sentry Mode anti-theft device, improve visual driving aids and automate software updates. In addition, Elon Musk hinted in Twitter that there might soon be smartphone-enabled user profiles.

One of the unique selling points of a Tesla, apart from the purely electric drive, is that the vehicles constantly receive new functions or are otherwise improved thanks to software updates. Early Access Program participants will receive an update to version 2019.16 for their Tesla in the next days.

A Tesla owner kindly took a picture of the screen where the changelog with the update 2019.16 was displayed and uploaded it to imgur. This contains the points:

  • Driving visualization
  • Improvements to Sentry Mode
  • Lane assistant
  • Lane departure avoidance
  • Swedish
  • Conditional speed limits

The visualization has been improved so that dangers in the blind spot, for example, are now displayed enlarged. The anti-theft protection Sentry mode can now be activated with a button that appears on the display as soon as you put the gear knob into Park mode. You can also specify locations where you don't want Sentry mode to be activated automatically when you park.

The lane departure avoidance allows you in three stages to keep in lane either by steering yourself, by warnings or not at all. The warning consists of a vibration of the steering wheel. The independently configured emergency lane departure avoidance also intervenes even though the normal lane assistant is switched off, but only if a collision threatens.

The conditional speed limits refer to roads which may be driven at different speeds at different times of the day. Weather-related limitations such as 100 km/h in wet conditions are also to be recorded. They appear small and in grey font under the conventional limitation display.

The newly available, enhanced update preferences could ensure that your Tesla updates itself automatically.

User profiles via smartphone key

Teslas can be opened via the companion app with smartphones. The video game influencer and Tesla 3 driver Jack Pattillo, who is prominent on YouTube, recently asked Elon Musk whether this might not be suitable for loading user profiles. The idea is if a Tesla recognizes his driver by his smartphone key when he unlocks the car should automatically adapt to the arriving driver. Seat position and heating, mirror and headrest should be self-adjusting.

Musk seems to have liked this proposal. Whether it will therefore be implemented and when it would reach us, however, is a completely different question.

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