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The Horror! Facebook Graph Search Will Expose the Hypocrisy of Us All
Facebook 2 min read 4 comments

The Horror! Facebook Graph Search Will Expose the Hypocrisy of Us All


Holy wow, what fresh hell hath Facebook wrought?

Tom Scott, a tech commentator, has compiled a list of hilarious (and horrifyingly personal) Facebook graph searches he's performed and – Jesus! — I can't believe how many crazy things we will now be able to search for via Facebook. Among the uses for Graph Search I did not predict: finding cheating spouses, exposing hypocritical Catholics and proving that Jewish moms love bacon. 

ActualFacebookGraphSearches.Tumblr.com is aring out all of Facebook's dirty laundry and while the owner of the site has blurred people's names and faces, others might not be so kind. Time to comb through all of your "likes" and discard any that may incriminate, post-haste! 

Among Scott's findings:

  • Soldiers serving in the US Air Force like "racism" (ironically, I hope).
  • Lots of married people like prostitutes (I guess this one's to be expected)
  • Catholic mothers like the condom brand "Durex"
  • Social conservatives who like "Focus on the Family" also happen to be fans of out gay celebrity Neil Patrick Harris.

Even more worrisome is the fact that governments could use this tool to persecute minorities. Already, the blogger has shown how a simple query could expose gay men living in Tehran in one fell swoop. 

This is such a huge invasion of privacy, that I'm pretty sure the entire world is going to rise up and burn down Facebook HQ in 3...2....1...


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  • It would be ironic for someone to be jailed for liking a page... From seeing all the inappropriate likes flooding FB, I think some people just click like without thinking or maybe even realizing what they actually "liked". haha

  • John A Jan 24, 2013 Link to comment

    Time for people to realise writing things on a public website has concequenses. :). On a more serious note, the tool could be used against people?

  • Ti Mo Jan 23, 2013 Link to comment

    Hahahahaha that's funny af. Gonna go through my likes now and delete all the unnecessary stuff tho..

  • clouds Jan 23, 2013 Link to comment

    It's time to lose ur Internet virginity! Lol