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The Impossible Game: Still Worth Trying!
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The Impossible Game: Still Worth Trying!

Do you love challenges? Are you partial to simple games that nevertheless have a high degree of difficulty? If this describes you, then you should go ahead and read our review of The Impossible Game, because it might just be the game for you!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.5.2 1.5.3

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.2

At the start of The Impossible Game you will first be asked to pause any running music or play the game without sound, which is not necessarily recommended because the music for the game is tailor-made.

Once you've made your selection we can start the actual game. From the main menu simply click Start and select the first level, called the Aurora Fire. The aim of the game is to keep your little orange square alive by jumping your way through a complex platform parkour, without landing on triangles or black boxes (spikes and death).

The levels endlessly scroll by as your orange box goes up and down, climbing stairs and descending, all the while avoiding the dangerous obstacles. This may seem easy at first until you realist that some steps are not in regular positions. So you need to be very specific with your controls.

Each level must be mastered without making a mistake, but at the beginning this is just about impossible, as the name of the game suggests. For this reason, you may graciously enable the Practice Mode by placing a flag along the way as a save point to which you can return if you make a mistake. Otherwise, you must start over from the very beginning. The Impossible Game is certainly not suitable for the impatient player.

Once you have completed the first level, even in practice mode, the second level will then be unlocked, with new game elements but not that different from the first. But this doesn't mean it's easy!

Through specific actions you can win medals so you can demonstrate your tenacity. Medals are awarded for completing a level in practice mode, completing a certain number of jumps, and finishing a level without placing save flags. If you want to know how well you're doing, it's easy to get statistics from the menu, which can show you, for example, the number of your jumps and your progress in the practice mode.

Bottom Line

The Impossible Game is a game for die-hard players with strong nerves and a lot of ambition. For anyone looking for a seriously tough game with simple ground rules, this is the game for you!

Screen & Controls

The graphics of The Impossible Game are a bit washed out, as the game was developed for older devices. If you want HD visuals you will be searching in vain, but that certainly does not tarnish the fun in this game. The actual operation of the game is simple: you simply jump by tapping the screen. Not as easy as it sounds though!

Speed & Stability

The Impossible Game runs fast and stable.

Price/Performance Ratio

The Impossible Game is available for 0.95USD in the Play Store. This is a pretty fair price to pay for  a great game with no ads.


The Impossible Game: Still Worth Trying! The Impossible Game: Still Worth Trying! The Impossible Game: Still Worth Trying! The Impossible Game: Still Worth Trying! The Impossible Game: Still Worth Trying! The Impossible Game: Still Worth Trying!

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  • Sorin Dec 31, 2017 Link to comment

    I promise I like it and I will not get angry when I lose. Music and graphics are ok, the difficulty of the route is moderate. I recommend.