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The MK802 : A Mini Android Computer For 74 Dollars
Hardware 2 min read 14 comments

The MK802 : A Mini Android Computer For 74 Dollars


Before I go further with this article, let me be brutally honest and firstly state from the beginning that I don't know exactly how you would use one of these computers, how they work, or what exactly you would use it for. All I know is that there's an Android on it, it supports Android, and that it's somehow very freakin cool. That's enough of an excuse for me. What you are seeing is not a USB stick, but a mini Android computer that's actually packing some very impressive hardware considering its very small size. That being said, I am definetely gonna pick up one of these. I just have no idea why or what the hell I'll use it for....

This tiny Chinese computer is called the MK802, and weighs a little under 200 grams. The device is compatible with Android and other ARM compatible Linux based operating systems, and ships with a single core ARM chip and 512 MB of RAM. It also has a microSD card slot, 4GB flash storage, a regular sized USB port, a micro USB, and Wifi support. Despite its tiny size, this little micro mini me PC can even output 1080P video via HDMI thanks to its Mali 400 GPU. Crazy right?

The MK802 can be purchased for the very low price of 74 US dollars, which includes free shipping to the US and many additional countries. For anyone interested, it can be purchased here.

The concepts behind these low cost computers are really brilliant, and they could really make a huge impact as educational tools for children in less developed countries. It's just crazy to see the how far computers have come in the last 15 years. What used to take up your entire kitchen table can now fit in your wallet.

I really really want one of these. I still have absolutely no idea why....

Picture credits: Cnet

Source: Cnet Asia


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  • It has usb and mini usb. One has to be for power and the other for usb devices like hard drives or wireless keyboard dongles.

    I'm tempted to try this as an alternative to my current PC media centre. Just need to verify that it will read usb hdd.

  • I'm guessing the USB port there will only be used to power the device.. Will probably make a decent media player. Hopefully you can get Google Play to play along with it ;-)

  • Android is the operating system, it's the app that make it sing. What can you use it for?

    What can't you use it for, it just needs the right app. Out of the box, if that USB will read external drives you could have a realy cool portable media center. If you know someone who can code an app it could be a realy compact controller for serious hobby projects, say a home built 3D printer.

  • I think its awesome. Gonna have to buy one!

  • do you imagin going to wallmart or bestbuy and buy a android desktop or laptop or a anfroid video game console :) :) :) :)

  • This is good for someone who either doesn't own a Windows machine or just who wants another gadget to tinkle with (me). The specs are more than decent though, thinking about getting it.

  • Thats what Im wondering! The concept is cool, but I just wonder exactly HOW to use it!

  • Ti Mo May 18, 2012 Link to comment

    Do you have to install this on your pc? Or is it plug n play?

    Look at the left usb stick....... Maybe you can plug it into your phone and you got Android 4.0 for your phone. Oo
    Thatd be for people who have a phone that doesnt get an update.

    I mean only if you dont mind a flash drive hanging on your phone

  • I would literally flush the entire PC down the toilet. I've dreamed of doing that many times, but with this one it's actually possible!

  • And when it doesn't react it gets chucked out of the office window. :-D $74 well spent.

  • LOL! Exactly! I can picture that scenario so well in my mind :-D

  • Then later you'll start poking and prodding at it with a pen to see if it reacts then...

  • HAHAHHAHHAHA! Will do! I really want one though. Im serious!

    I imagine myself just staring at it laying on my desk the entire day at work having no idea what to do with it.

  • Well yes, please report back after you get your hands on it and know what the hell it is for. :-)