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The new Essential PH-2 could hide the front camera under the display
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The new Essential PH-2 could hide the front camera under the display

Leaked information has revealed that the next Essential device, the Essential PH-2, could include a revolutionary feature: a front camera integrated underneath the display. A feature that could revolutionize smartphone design as we know it, meaning that the days of the notch could be numbered.

According to a set of images created by Essential the selfie camera could be located below the screen, accompanied by a light sensor. When the camera is activated, the screen would become translucent. It is not yet known whether the screen in question will be OLED or LCD.

In the image below you can see a drawing of the design, from a patent recently registered by Essential. We see a camera located in the center of the top edge. There is no mention of the translucency of the screen here, but this detail could have been omitted because the objective of the patent is the fingerprint reader, not the camera.

2019 02 08 Essential PH 2
Image of a patent recently registered by Essential / © SlashGear

Last year we already saw devices with innovative retractable mechanisms to hide the front camera, in an effort to avoid the notch, such as the OPPO Find X and the Vivo NEX. Recent attempts to eliminate notch and improve the screen/body ratio have resulted in devices such as Samsung's Galaxy A8s, which has a punch-hole display camera. Xiaomi, for its part, seems to be working on a design with two holes in the screen. As we can see, manufacturers are struggling to solve the notch dilemma, but so far the results appear to be mixed.

But what's new about the Essential PH-2 is that the camera could be completely hidden underneath the screen, just like the fingerprint readers we've gotten used to with some devices.

What do you think of this new approach? Do you think a feature like this could make the new Essential a success? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • I'd love to see a second Essential phone. Hopefully, they will have learned much from the first launch and get both the phone and pricing right.

  • Sorin 4 months ago Link to comment

    Interestingly, but let's see what is and ... the Price.

  • Good feature, was expected. Keep the one hand friendly form factor, high end haptic feel and I'll buy the next one as well. Ipx6 or higher would be nice. But mainly stick to simple, quick updates + feels good in my hand. All I need.

  • Dual SIM please. I'm now spoiled with the 6T and will never go back to a single SIM device.

  • HOPEFULLY they fix the signal issue that was apparently a big deal. I know the one I had, in places I had a signal with my Mate9, had ZERO signal with the PH-1. OnePlus 6T in the same area, works perfectly. Maybe the metal back cover or antenna was the issue. That, and put the price DOWN more to the 500 dollar range.

  • storm 4 months ago Link to comment

    I figured this tech wasn't far off