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The Runtopia S1 GPS sports watch is now available in Europe

The Runtopia S1 GPS sports watch is now available in Europe

After its North American launch, Runtopia now offers the company’s first smartwatch in Europe. The Runtopia S1 is available now on Runtopiasports.com starting at £62.99/€70.38 in Europe and the UK

Runtopia, the smart sports and fitness brand with more than 2 million users, today announced the availability of the Runtopia S1 GPS sports watch in Europe. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

The Runtopia S1 is the first smartwatch from Runtopia, the smart sports brand best known for its mobile app. The Runtopia S1 is an affordable GPS sports watch that aims to provide a personalized, complete experience for runners, walkers, and cyclists of any experience level. The S1 sports watch is compatible with the Runtopia mobile app, which rewards users for tracked workouts with digital currency that can be exchanged for prizes.

When connected to the Runtopia app, users can receive audio coaching through their phone based on real-time pace, speed, distance and heart rate to alert users of any adjustments needed to optimize workouts. The S1 includes a compass, stopwatch, message notifications, call alerts, sedentary reminders, an alarm clock, step count, and a daily calorie tracker.

Sports Mode rendering
Runtopia S1 sports watch. / © Runtopia

With GPS+GLONASS dual star positioning, you can accurately track running stats right on your watch - leave your phone at home and sync the data to the app later. The watch has optimized battery life with a standby time of up to 25 days, or when activating GPS, up to an average of 2 full marathon runs.

“The Runtopia team is thrilled to share our first-ever smartwatch with our European community,” said Viven Jiang, International Director of Runtopia. “Our mission is to offer a complete range of products to complete the smart sports experience for our users, and the Runtopia S1 makes that feasible by working seamlessly with the Runtopia mobile app. We’re eager to make this a reality for our users in Europe and beyond.”

What do you think of the watch? Will you buy one?

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