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The Secret Legacy (Full) - why did Grandma have to die?
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The Secret Legacy (Full) - why did Grandma have to die?

Personally, I'm a big fan of the Point&Click adventure games. For years now, I've been looking for good games within this genre and I am happy that I managed to beat this challenge. The Secret Legacy (Full) is a thrilling game that is full of secrets and has had great success.


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Features & Use

Point&Click Adventures are few and far between. Although the genre is perfect for smartphone and tablet controls, there are just a few of these apps being made. The Secret Legacy (Full) is a new game of this genre that has appeared in the Google Play Store and has managed to draw much attention.

There game is like a swarm of pictures, which means that there is less actions and requires more searching for items. But what is the game? This genre is structured so that the player slips into the role of one of the characters. From then on, there is a lot to discover. There is always a lot of different items that you can use, either you find them or have them from the very beginning. There are used to get through passages or to uncover new secrets. Therefore it's quite the puzzle game.

First off, you slip into the role of Kate whose grandma recently passed away. When cleaning up what the grandmother left behind, Kate stumbles upon a letter which reveals a mystery. You found out that your grandma's death wasn't anything but natural. Your task: find out why Kate's grandmother died. The adventure starts here!

There's one thing that definitely pops out: the graphics are really high quality and rich in detail. Everything fits perfectly together and is accompanied by great music which adds to the charm and captures the players interest. At first, you have to clean up the office. This turns out to be quite simple and serves as a tutorial on how to use the controls. To ensure variety, the game gets increasingly difficult as it goes along. On the basis of silhouettes, the player needs to find all important items in each level. The player will be asked again and again to complete mini games per level. This keeps the player entertained. While the game progresses, the storyline is further explained. The death of grandma lets behind questions that need to be answered and the story remains suspenseful.

Bottom Line

The Secret Legacy (Full) does an overall great job. This genre has been refreshed with some nice new ideas. The ongoing storyline remains exciting and keeps on going throughout. Overall a great game with a fair price.

Screen & Controls

The Secret Legacy (Full) impressed me with its great controls which are nicely explained in the tutorial. The genre is perfect for smartphones. Menus and bars work great with the breathtaking graphics and look great with the overall picture.

Speed & Stability

The app ran smoothly the entire time and had no glitches. The Secret Legacy (Full) offers new animations every second and the graphics are rich and rich in detail. It didn't crash.

Price/Performance Ratio

The Secret Legacy (Full) is offered for $1.98 in the Play Store. This is a perfectly fair price for such a great app that offers hours of gaming. Thumbs up!


The Secret Legacy (Full) - why did Grandma have to die? The Secret Legacy (Full) - why did Grandma have to die? The Secret Legacy (Full) - why did Grandma have to die? The Secret Legacy (Full) - why did Grandma have to die?

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