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This Fake Galaxy S3 Looks Just Like the Real Deal

This Samsung Galaxy S3 clone looks just like the real thing and costs about half of what you'd pay for the real version. 

A Chinese vendor by the name of China E-Cart is selling a $273 Galaxy S3 knockoff with a 1280x720p display (not Super AMOLED), 8MP back camera, 1.3MP round front, 1.2 GHz dual-core MT6577, 1GB of RAM, GSM radio, 16GB of internal storage running Android 4.0. In case you're wondering, those specs are nearly identical to those of the Galaxy S3 (minus the Super AMOLED).

But what I find even more incredible is how similar these devices look to the real thing. Just look at the picture of the aformentioned model side-by-side with an even cheaper clone on the right. Can you tell these two apart from the real deal?

China E- Cart is selling the higher-end model from their store and they ship internationally. Given the global shortage of Galaxy S3 smartphones, this sounds like a smart business plan...except for the whole stealing part.

Would you ever buy a budget knockoff?

Source: China E Carts


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  • Tr R Apr 2, 2013 Link to comment

    I'm not sure if people are just stupid or can't comprehend basic numbers. To call this a GS3 "knockoff" is a stretch. Yes it physically looks like one, but even the manufacturer's specs show you that it has half the RAM, a shittier display, a shittier, slower processor, and an outdated version of Android that can't be updated without some dangerous rooting (if even possible). So when the author says "those specs are nearly identical to those of the Galaxy S3," I'm not sure what the hell he's talking about. Those specs are actually closer to the Galaxy S2, which most of the major carriers can't even give away for free with new contracts now. Sorry, but if you get "suckered" into buying this and realize it's not as good as the Galaxy S3, even the Chinese manufacturer gave you the heads up with the inferior specs.

  • I think the above comment is goddam funny as hell. How do you think Android came to be??? It in of itself is a complete ripoff of iOS & the newest Nexus completely continues the trend of copying Apple if you look at it closely.

  • Well i just checked the website and the specs of this clone ... it is very interesting because on the description said you can use the S3 accessories on this clone and if you subscribe their YouTube Channel will ship the phone with a screen protector and back case , screen 1280X720 is not bad, if the specs are real i believe for this price the S3 Clone is not bad at all :)

  • this fake Samsung is more powerful than the real one, they have auto explode function while charging!
    A chinese trademark!

  • Anything goes in China...

  • Absolutely absurd that they can legally get away with doing this.

  •   8
    Deactivated Account Jul 11, 2012 Link to comment

    THIS is the kind of blatant wholesale copying of a product that companies should be going after in the courts.

    Then again, who's ever been able to stop the Chinese from copying stuff?

    Does this company make iPhone knock-offs as well? I hope they do. To keep it fair and all.