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This Hilarious Android Game Could Be The Next Big Thing
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This Hilarious Android Game Could Be The Next Big Thing

The best games are often built on the wackiest of premises. Slingshotting birds? That sounds, well, interesting. Unclogging drainage pipes? Riveting, no doubt! And yet, the two games I'm describing – Angry Birds and Where's My Water? – have been among the most successful Android games of all time. A little fantasy with a dash of absurdity tends to make for totally compelling gameplay.

Now, Mediocre games, creators of the bizarrely addictive "Sprinkle," are strolling back on to the scene with a new game that puts the grand in grandmama. Called "Granny Smith," it's an epic racing game featuring an old lady on rollerskates. If that doesn't sound so fun, just check out this video:

Video link

The 3D, cherubic environments lend the game a charming, old-timey feel to it, as if your grandma is skating through an old children's book. But the tricks your character can perform – including double summersaults and gliding along telephone wires with her cane – certainly bring the game into the present.

There's something really hilarious and almost wrong about making a grandma crash into a greenhouse and fences, but that's part of the appeal of this game. Granny Smith is expected to arrive sometime this month, and I'm guessing a lot of people are going to be buying it.

I'm always thrilled to report on well-designed Android games, especially ones with a sense of humor, and this one certainly fits the bill.

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  • Normally those "auto-running" plattforming games only let you jump higher or lower depending on button press. To bring any sort of skill requirement into the formula they throw instakill obstacles at you at top speeds, giving you fractions of a second to react. IMHO boring stuff.

    This seems to tackle that from a different angle. You don't just die from making the slightest mistake, and they made the jump requiring skills by having to land on your feet with correct timing. Could be fun, and judging from the past games they will put up a demo and charge reasonably for the full version.

    The graphics and design are superb and funny though, that much is clear. :)

  • Flashbacks to Sonic The Hedgehog....... it lloks like a great way to kill time.

  • How do you like this roller skating granny?

  • Thanks, Ti Mo, you're very right.

  • Ti Mo Aug 2, 2012 Link to comment

    You should start putting the link below the video so app users can watch it too..