ThrottleCopter -- Already an Android Classic

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If you're a 1980s baby you may remember the Days of Yore when 'smartphone' and 'computer' meant nothing and gaming consoles were everything. Arcade games, Gameboy, consoles... Forgive me if I indulge in a brief moment of nostalgic thinking... okay, now back to the present day and the world of Android.
If you were born any time between the early to late '80s, you may remember a game called Scramble—if you know and love this game check out ThrottleCopter, in which you must also pilot a helicopter through a tunnel system.


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Features & Use

ThrottleCopter is a brilliant arcade game made for the Android platform that's kept in an entirely old-skool kind of design.

Navigate a chopper through a tunnel labyrinth using a trackball. The trackball is responsible for ascending controls: press and the helicopter rises, release and it comes down.

The goal is a simple one: to keep the chopper in the air (i.e. not to touch the ceiling or ground) and to navigate it through the tunnels for as long as possible and without colliding with any rocks or other obstacles. Should you accidentally come into contact with an obstacle, the ground or the ceiling, the helicopter is destroyed on impact and you have to start all over again.

Scores can be broadcasted – ahem, shared – via various internet portals. You can aim to make it into the glorious round of 'global internet Top Ten'.

Bottom line:
ThrottleCopter is a very basic kind of game, with basic graphics and near to unexistant soundscape. There's only one game mode, and the course of the game is always more or less the same—but it's a wicked game for whenever you're waiting around or simply want to space out any play something that's challenging enough but won't stress you out. The game has been immensely popular among arcade game enthusiasts, and for good reason.

Screen & Controls

ThrottleCopter has remained true to 80s aesthetics: the design can be described as Spartan at best. If you are more for graphic intricacies, design epiphanies, new worlds of 3D and vivid colours you may find yourself being disappointed with this game's overall look.

The app runs like a dream, quite possibly because the design is so very minimalistic. Controls are great,

Speed & Stability

Throttlecopter always runs fluidly and it seems absolutely dependable.

Price/Performance Ratio

ThrottleCopter can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.


ThrottleCopter -- Already an Android Classic ThrottleCopter -- Already an Android Classic ThrottleCopter -- Already an Android Classic

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