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#Throwback Thursday: the BlackBerry Bold 9700 was a smart phone
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#Throwback Thursday: the BlackBerry Bold 9700 was a smart phone

Looking back, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is a smartphone that was a remarkable. At the time, as an organizer and messaging device, it was really perfect. Compared with today's smartphones, the Bold 9700 is strong in different ways but nevertheless was bold.

Do you remember my story about the BlackBerry Curve 8520? A few months later, I moved on because the Curve simply was not good enough. I bought a BlackBerry Bold 9700 – and because it was so expensive – I financed it for two years, I know, bold.

Already, the display of the Curve was great for its time. The colors were great and the screen was a little bigger than the competition. In terms of computing power, there was nothing to complain about since rich 3D games or photo apps were not yet available on smartphones.

AndroidPIT Throwback Thursday Blackberry Bold 9700 3277
The BlackBerry 9700 was revolutionary. / © AndroidPIT

The BlackBerry was not an entertainment device; its strengths were in communication. Whether checking and writing emails, chatting or surfing websites, everything could be done easily without frills. The full QWERTY hardware keyboard of the BlackBerry Bold was really well-suited for writing. Typos were rare and experienced fingers could really write fast. But the calendar was not well made. Synchronization with Google Calendar was difficult – if not impossible - and I didn't use this feature.

My old BlackBerry Bold 9700 was my last smartphone that I mainly used for organizational and productive purposes. There were hardly any interesting games for BlackBerry or from other distributors. Somehow, I miss those times, because the games, social networks and other entertainment apps take up to much of my days and more time than I would like. Maybe it's just nostalgia or maybe I need more discipline but I do miss that time.

AndroidPIT Throwback Thursday Blackberry Bold 9700 3265
I do long for the days where smartphones took up less time. / © AndroidPIT

So did my financing the Bold 9700 pay off? In retrospect, I would say: probably not. Within a year, the Bold was a little outdated by the end of 2011. And Android had already picked up speed. But as my financing agreement was still in play, and switching to another phone would lead to duplicate costs, I remained with the device for a bit longer than I wanted. Since then, I've tried to avoid financing smartphones in general.

In retrospect, I see how much has changed with smartphones since the BlackBerry Bold 9700. New devices have become real time-wasters, even if they are more powerful and do way more.

What did you think of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 back in the day? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Being a Canadian and trying to support my own country, it's sad what blackberry has become. Just looking at the comments well tell you nobody cares anymore .
    I can remember when my brother had a blackberry in the 8000 series, when I held it in my hand it was like holding a rare gem, I was in love with it. Wasn't much longer after that I had my very first of many blackberrys..the 8360, it was silver and I used that until it fell apart, that was my favorite blavkberry. The 9700 was nice to I found the keys to be just a shade to crammed, the 8360 had them spaced just nicely.
    I won't lie and say I never left blackberry, I have then came back etc, I am still in love with blackberry but until it gets back to its roots , this guy will still jump from girl to girl... I mean phone to phone .

  • I got the T-Mobile G1 around that time, was a great little android phone with a flip out keyboard (well technically the screen flipped out). Remember when everyone thought touch screens would be a nightmare to type on?!

  • I completely agree with you! Even 5 years ago, times were somewhat simpler let alone 10, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. As you mentioned, productivity was key and things were done with a trusty BlackBerry back then, but without the social media/gaming distractions that now consume us with vigor! Technology does progress and whether good or bad, I'm glad we can at least say we lived during those beautiful days.. nostalgia in full bloom!