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Tiny Flashlight + LED: An Amazing Flashlight App!
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Tiny Flashlight + LED: An Amazing Flashlight App!

Using your phone's screen as a flashlight has been something people have done for years, way before smartphones ever came along. All of us have had the experience of shining a phone under the bed to look for a lost earring or coin. It's become a part of everyday life. As soon as the first Android phones came out, various flashlight apps flooded the Android Market. Flashlight apps may be simple, but this doesn't mean that they have to be boring. Tiny Flashlight + LED stands out in the crowd with exceptionally good user raitings and a couple of fun bonus features.

Bring more light into your life with today's review.


Reviewed version Latest version
3.9.7 Varies with device

Features & Use

Like everyone around, I've used my phone on occasion to illuminate a bus schedule in the dark or look for a lost IKEA screw in my room. Flashlight apps are nothing to be picky about, right? Wrong! As with everything, there are both good and bad flashlight apps with some offering more than just white background as a light source.

Before trying out Tiny Flashlight + LED, I had a random flashlight app and it wasn't very impressive. All it did was turn my screen white in order to maximize the light coming from my touch screen. No options, no features - just a blank white screen.

Tiny Flashlight + LED goes a step further than your average flashlight app and offers some entertaining features.
When you first open up the app, you are presented with a dark screen with a red power button in the middle. Pressing the button “turns on” the flashlight by changing the screen color to white. This is the basic function that all flashlight apps have in common.
At the top right hand corner, however, you’ll find a small white circle that gives you access to all of the app’s features. In total, Tiny Flashlight + LED has 5 different light settings:

  • Screen Light: (i.e. white screen)
  • Warning Lights: a yellow flashing stop light
  • Light Bulb: A light bulb image with adjustable color and light intensity.
  • Color Light: Same as screen light, but with adjustable colors.
  • Police Lights: Flashing blue and red light

In the options, you can set each type of light as the default light source when starting up the app. If your phone’s camera comes with a built-in flash, the flash can also be used as a flashlight. To do so simply add the Tiny Flashlight widget to your home screen and tap it to turn on your camera’s LED light.

Bottom Line: Tiny Flashlight + LED may not be anything spectacular, but it’s a great working flashlight with several different fun and entertaining options. I think this app strikes a good balance between functionality and fun. Probably one of the most highly recommended flashlight apps on the market.

Screen & Controls

Everything is laid out on one single screen. All five different types of light sources are represented by icons on the main screen. Everything can be accessed by simply tapping the screen. When using the light bulb and color lights, you can adjust the color by sliding your finger vertically and change the intensity by sliding your finger horizontally. Tiny Flashlight + LED remains simple yet functional.

Speed & Stability

Tiny Flashlight + LED is quick and reliable without any buts or ifs.

Price/Performance Ratio

Tiny Flashlight + LED can be downloaded for free from the AndroidPIT App Center.


Tiny Flashlight + LED: An Amazing Flashlight App! Tiny Flashlight + LED: An Amazing Flashlight App! Tiny Flashlight + LED: An Amazing Flashlight App!


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