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Tiny Token Empires - Strategy and Arcade game rolled into one awesome package!
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Tiny Token Empires - Strategy and Arcade game rolled into one awesome package!

Do you love strategy games like Age of Empires? Then Tiny Token Empires could be something for you. The game is a mix of a strategy game and arcade games, where you use tactics which are easy to operate on a small screen.

What sounds great in theory might not necessarily be much fun in practice. Whether it will toot your horn will be discussed in today's app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.0 1.0.2

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.2

When you tap on start, you are offered four choices. You can either start campaigns, play a free mission, commence a fight or simply practice.

For starters, the campaign mode is recommended, as you are guided throughout this part of the game. Before each campaign, the main and secondary objectives that you need to fulfill are displayed. There is one common goal: conquer city X. To do this, you must first build an army. In order to complete this task, you need money, therefore you first conquer few small villages with your already existing small army. In the course of each turn, you get some money that you use to expand your villages to build cities and even to collect more loot along the way. Once you have enough money, you can build buildings where you will train your forces.

Conquering villages operates with some sort of Bejeweled system. Each unit that you send to an area gets assigned a symbol that appears in the Bejeweled game. Your opponents also get symbols. Whenever you destroy your symbols, you get power points. Once your power bar is full, you can attack your opponent and reduce their life bar .. but you also have one that your opponent can empty too!

The fights is where it gets more complicated. If you have collected or bought items, these can help you in the fight to obtain more strength or more defense. Important battles are sometimes only temporary, that being said you can repeat this action as often as you want.

The aim of the game is to conquer enemy territory. There are many ways to help you in the fighting, but you should find out these tactics on your own. Explaining every aspect of the game would be way too long.

In the game menu at the top of the display, you can save, load or return to the main menu the game. Back in the main menu, you can compare your scores with others via the "Online" button and have access to a HeroCraft account. In the options, you can change the volume of game sound effects and music and access the help. With the "Load" button, as the name implies, you can load a saved game.

Bottom Line

Tiny Token Empires is a cool strategy game for Android, which also incorporates the arcade genre within the game as well. The "battles" are very entertaining and are not based on pure chance, nor do you need to bend your fingers in awkward angles to control it. Simply Great!

Screen & Controls

The game is a little complicated at first, but there are quite a few things that you can do during each turn. The gameplay of Tiny Token Empires can be understood after only a short time and you will be having fun in a flash.

The design of the game is kept ancient and worked very professionally, which isn't always the case with other games.


Speed & Stability

Tiny Token Empires ran smoothly the entire time. There were no crashes.

Price/Performance Ratio

Tiny Token Empires is available for $5.13 in Play Store and therefore isn't cheap. In my opinion, there could have been less choices when playing, which would have reduced the price. Regarding these possibilities, the price of the game is still fair. This is not just an ordinary Twitter app, but a strategy game with lots of options.


Tiny Token Empires - Strategy and Arcade game rolled into one awesome package! Tiny Token Empires - Strategy and Arcade game rolled into one awesome package!

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