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App Tip: Dolphin, the Super Navigator and its Add-on Sidekicks
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App Tip: Dolphin, the Super Navigator and its Add-on Sidekicks

Dolphin Browser is one of the biggest go-to's when it comes to navigation, whether it's on an iPhone or an Android. Not only is it fast and easy to use, the available add-ons are really well done. This week, the tip concerns the add-ons needed to improve Dolphin. Afterwards, I'm sure you'll have a whale of a time ;)

Shiny Shake Dolphin

It seems like this one depends on the device, however it's actually quite practical: what it does is permit you to switch between tabs by shaking your smartphone. Ultimately it's pretty useful, especially when comparing the content of two websites. I'd say its the solution in the absence of multiple windows and a normal sized-computer screen.

Configure and shake!


This add-on simply allows you to listen to Last.fm directly from Dolphin. Thanks to this feature, you don't have to open any other apps. All in all, Last.fm offers a one-stop-shop-like service.

Dolphin Pocket

The Pocket add-on is an indispensable tool that permits you to save several pages, keeping them in your ''pocket'' and retrieve them later on. As a matter of fact, for those with a modest amount of information or who have terrible connection, you can save your pages in advance and view them when you're offline. For this reason, it's more than just a bookmark.

Dolphin Dropbox

I'm sure you get the point: you can access your Dropbox directly from Dolphin. It's not a bad feature, but what you really need to do, is configure the application so that your downloads go directly to your Dropbox.

Send to Browser

Dolphin, though stable and well-working, is a mammal like any other: it's not invincible. That being said, other browsers sometimes do a better job at loading certain websites. It’s for this reason that Send to Browser gives you the option of sending an open page directly, with a double click, to another navigation app. Suffice it to say, it's extremely useful.

Your page doesn't load? There's a problem with Flash Player? Ta da! Switch to another navigator!

The settings that I've mentioned here are only a few of Dolphin's many add-ons. There are virtually tons of other ways that this navigator is useful, depending on how you want want to do, like Web to PDF, Night Mode for Dolphin, Text Sizer, etc.

Do you have any favourites add-ons?

(Images: Stock exchng; screenshots: Q.D.L/AndroidPIT)

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