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2048 tips and tricks

2048 tips and tricks

With the release of the official 2048 game for Android just recently, it’s easy to say that this game is the next big hit for the Play Store.  However, if you’re like me, you might be having some issues with this simple math game and aren’t quite able to get into the high scores. Thankfully, here are some tips and tricks to help you try and “beat” this addictive game.

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Starting with the basics: the object of the game is to sum even numbers together until you get to the magical number of 2048. Don’t underestimate it though, despite the ridiculously simple concept, the game is anything but. You’ve got a 4x4 board and each time to you swipe to move the block around and add together identical numbers, another is added to the mix. The game ends when the board gets filled up and you cannot make any more moves.

Helpful Advice

In general, you should avoid just randomly swiping and adding numbers together, but should try to mix together as many combos as you can. Since one number is added each time you swipe in a direction, by adding together two sets of numbers at once, you free up an extra space on your board.

Try to limit your movements to three directions and pick a corner in particular where you can place your highest number.

Reflect well on each move, not only will you move the numbers that you want, but also the numbers that you don’t want.

Make sure to arrange it so that your highest numbers are close together. Having two 128 boxes on the opposite side of the board will get you nowhere.


Like all mathematical games, there is always an effective strategy for getting to 2048 and effectively winning the game. The trick is to place the highest number is the lower corner (always the same one) and working your way from there. Gradually, your numbers will start to grow from around your corner block and you’ll start seeing a descending order start to appear. Take care not to move the highest number to the opposite side of the board as another number could occupy this coveted spot. Unfortunately, by using this method, you can to think before each move and contemplate what each swipe will do to your board.

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How your "house" should look when playing strategically. / © AndroidPIT

“Beetle “ method

If you’re less concerned with actually winning the game by strategy, but just want to beat your friends score, there is another trick that is much more simple and easier to do. Just keep swiping down once and to the right once, repeating these two movements until you can’t move your blocks in those directions anymore. Once you get to this point, swipe once to the left and then repeat the down and right process.  After a while (it may take a few tries), you’ll find yourself with 2048.


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  • Sorin Jan 2, 2018 Link to comment

    A very simple and addictive game that can fill your time when you need something to be expected. I managed to make 2048 points, then I tried to score as many points. For amusement.