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Tizen vs. Android comparison: is Samsung stronger than Google?
Samsung Google 3 min read 16 comments

Tizen vs. Android comparison: is Samsung stronger than Google?

Samsung’s in-house operating system Tizen is here and it doesn’t look like they’re backing away from pushing it onto the market anytime soon. With Samsung’s release of their own operating system, does Tizen stand a chance on competing independently against Google’s Android? Let’s find out in our Tizen vs. Android comparison.

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The question itself has very little to do with the Tizen operating system and revolves more around Samsung as a brand. If Samsung can equate its quality of mobile devices with their own operating system and overshadow Google Android as a whole, Tizen could get its feet off the ground. If not, consumers will continue to brand Samsung along with Android.

It is often mentioned that most new consumers buy a smartphone that has a good design, nice features, or that is affordable. What type of operating system is behind this smartphone, most people who are looking for a new or first time smartphone either care very little about or know nothing at all. This could lead to a big problem for Google, especially in developing markets where there is no current brand or operating system loyalty.

However, at the same time, it’s hard not to realize Google’s influence on the PC and mobile market. We browse cat videos on YouTube, we surf the web via Google Chrome, we use Google Maps to find driving directions, and we use the Google Play Store to download apps on our mobile devices. When thinking of operating system for mobile devices what comes to mind? The most usual partners in crime are Google Android and Apple’s iOS and this could lead to a big problem for Samsung and Tizen.

How can Tizen get ahead?

Tizen must not bring anything new or exciting to the table, but merely reproduce the status quo or Android or Touchwiz for the time being. This is both easy and difficult for Samsung to accomplish. From the perspective of designing the base and UI behind the operating system, this isn’t too much of a challenge and Tizen has shown that in its release.

However, from an offering side of things, Samsung has a challenge ahead of them. To get the same reach as Google, Tizen will need to offer or provide alternatives for all the Google services that have become an integrated part of Android. Otherwise, they will have a barrier that will inhibit consumers from adapting to this latest operating system.

All things aside, Samsung has the clout and the distribution model to pull this off this if they perform it right. If Tizen is handled properly, Samsung could see themselves move away from having to rely on Android for their smartphones and onward to something that they control more closely.  On the flip side, if Google and its software can establish itself as being indispensable towards the mobile community (if it hasn’t already done so), Samsung will continue to be chained to Android.

And so we ask you: what do you think will happen with Tizen?


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  • I think Tizen will improve in future and will add some best stuffs like android. I read here that mindxmaster.com/2017/01/samsung-tizen-vs-google-android-compaision.html Tizen is using HTML 5 apps and has better flexibility than android. Android has lots of apps in Google play store, which is an advantage over Tizen.

  • OK. Samsung please do NOT ruin your smart devices market. Leave Tizen, you've Android. 😒😒

  • WMc Jul 2, 2015 Link to comment

    Google is countering Samsung's move by teaming up with huawei to launch nexus 2015 - Cheap quality h/w with Android M. What happens if google extends the cooperation and launch Android one devices with huawei at same pricing as tizen phones. This will threaten Sammy's low end Android n tizen market. Then there's LG for another Nexus 2015 to grab flagship market. Google is threatening Samsung at the low n high end segment.

  • Loxody Apr 30, 2015 Link to comment

    Samsung will make all their devices with Tizen - Tizen will fail - LG will jump ahead and be the largest Android phone manufacturer.

  • A lot of negative comments here about Tizen! I for one hope it goes mainstream as an alternative to Android OS, why well for example in the new Samsung Gear live watch running Android live you will get 1 day if your lucky of battery life!, that is pathetic and even Google don't mention the battery life.

    Now compare that to the Samsung Gear 2 watch running Tizen, which I own, I'm getting 4-5 days of run time, imagine that on a phone!.

    Yes the app situation needs to improve, but with time hopefully that will happen.

    I'm all for something new, and Tizen is something new, we all tried Android because it was new, so why not.

  • Google is better than tizen whose ever in tizens side will lose their smart phone even nokias os is better than tizen

  • Tizen cant run large apps it cant run apps of 3gb if its 2gb app sometimes it will stuck orthe battery drains very fast google is best samsung z has good wallpaper but its too slow so it wants ram of 4gb so its very fast and the complete os smart phone

  • Can Tizen run Android apps? If so its got a chance, if not then there is no way that Samsung people will go for it.

  • molham Jun 18, 2014 Link to comment

    Tizen is boring!!!!!
    I'm with android
    ps: I have an xperia z and I love it :-)

  • paulc Jun 11, 2014 Link to comment

    I foresee a falling out and more lawsuits on the way. If Silver comes along just as Tizen gets going, there's going to be a heck of a lot of market fragmentation ... and the main beneficiaries will be Apple and Microsoft.

  • I also agree. Great point our biggest gripe is why does these updates take so long? Maybe the more power Samsung has the more it can keep the carriers at bay about blocking certain features meant to come on their products.

  • Its a 3rd competitive smart phone OS that if successful? Could force Android and Apple to be more competitive by offering quicker OS updates, lower prices, better features (camera megapixel), better memory (120 gig built in) ....

    This could also be Samsung's way of saying "f' off" to Apple for all of those patent court cases AND to Google for not stepping up with legal assistance in Samsung's favor) AND could lead to Tizen tablets / laptops ...

    I will reserve judgement for when the consumer electronic products are available for review (but a 3rd OS competitor wouid be a game changer)

  • I have been using Android for Yearsssssssss and I love Google,I'm also a big supported of Google.,Always willllllllllll

  • It will fail. I think samsung are taking a massive risk. If they totally let go of Android and put tizen on every one of their devices without running a android version alongside it then I for one will stop buying samsung devices, as will many others. android is a established and successful platform that many will not want to leave behind.

    • Tizen is a huge project that Samsung is researching for years. we cannot judge now let's wait until a Tizen based smart phone release