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TKWeek - What's in a Date?

TKWeek - What's in a Date?

How many days is it until Christmas? How many work days do I have until the holidays? And what week is it anyway?

Those are all questions that come up from time to time, but are not exactly easy to answer.

Of course, you can always count the days on a calendar with your finger, but who wants to do that in the age of apps and gadgets?

TKWeek is designed to provide quick and precise answers to people who can’t wait for something to happen. We already tested this app last year, but a lot of work has been done so it’s time for a new fair and balanced review!



Reviewed version Latest version
1.4.0 1.9.3

Features & Use

As soon as the app starts up, you are redirected to the main screen with all of the essential features. With just one clock you can access the following functions:

  • Date and week
  • About a date
  • Days between dates
  • Date calculator
  • Events
  • Friday 13th
  • About TKWeek

Date and week: This gives you an overview of the current week number. Using the slidebar or the +/- signs you can move the week number back and worth. This keeps you informed on how many weeks are left in a year and which dates are in which week.

About a date: Here you can see more information about any specific date, including the day of the year (e.g. 178th out of 365), the name day, the sign of the zodiac and whether it’s a leap year. With a click of the button, the app can also open up a Wikipedia article about the date.

Days between two dates: As the title already mentioned, TKWeek is a date calculator that can calculate how many days there between any given dates. A good use of this function is to figure out how many work days are between you and your long-awaited vacation.

Date Calculator: You can add and subtract dates as you please.

Example: Find out what the exact date will be in exactly one year, one month, one week and one day. If you’re curious, that is,

Events: Here you can access all of the events from your Google calendar.

Friday the 13th: For all you suspicious types, this feature shows you when to except the next Friday 13th in any given year.

To keep you informed on the current date, the app offers three different widgets. Two of them show you the current calendar week whereas one of them is focused on the current date.

An extra widget with a graphic countdown would’ve been a good addition.

I did, however, noticed one error that occurs under very specific circumstances described below: when you select “Days between two dates” and pick a date numbering between 1 and 9, the app shows only 1s if you try to adjust the date afterwards (see the 2nd screenshot). Select a number higher than 10 to undo the glitch.

In the settings you’ll find display options for events, business days and turn background picture on/off.

Bottom Line: TKWeek offers a good deal of thorough functions for all your date-keeping needs.
There are still a couple of key things missing: the app lacks a time calculator and a good design. The scrolling date selection may be functional, but the app needs a whole lot more pep to make it marketable.


Screen & Controls

The developer didn’t come across any genius ideas for laying out the app, opting to go for the generic Android wheel. TKWeek remains extremely conservative and boring in terms of looks.

Everything may be perfectly functional and simple, but the app has still got that typical intuitive yet depressingly Android-ish design. Look we all like apps that work, but would it really kill you to add a bit of color and shine? Selecting different background pictures would be a good place to start.

The app doesn’t come with a tablet-optimized user interface.


Speed & Stability

Switching between functions and calculating dates works perfectly and is instantaneous – no pauses, no waits, no sudden crashes. So in terms of stability TKWeek does an excellent job.


Price/Performance Ratio

The app TKWeek is available from our AndroidPIT App Center for just $1.11 (€0.79). This price would be appropriate if the app had a good design in addition to great functionality.


TKWeek - What's in a Date? TKWeek - What's in a Date? TKWeek - What's in a Date?

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