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Tobrix Drachenlauf – Puzzles, Mountains, Dragons

For those of you who don't know: there's a region in Germany that's referred to as the Siebengebirge (which literally means seven mountains, but in reality it's a small range of hills of volcanic origin). It's a place that is steeped in myths and legends, including the famed stories of Loreley and Siegfried and the dragon atop Dragon's Rock. It is also the setting for the annual dragon's race (Drachenlauf), which is a 27 km treck.

The virtual version of this legendary mountain range can now be carried around in your pocket in puzzle form: Tobrix Drachenlauf. Read on for more details.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.13 1.40

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.1.2
Root: No
Modifications: None

The app is 4.8 MB and doesn't require any dodgy permissions. Great!

Tobrix Drachenlauf is essentially a puzzle game in which you have to slide the blocks around the Siebengebirge in order to create vistas of the beautiful landscapes.

I was reminded of Move It! when I first started playing Tobrix. You have to slide around blocks of various shapes in order to create pictures of the scenery. I found this to be simplest when starting with the corner pieces which are easily recognisable thanks to their thick grey borders.

The first levels are simple enough, but patience is required if you wish to solve the more advanced puzzles. Should you ever get stuck you can view what the end result is meant to look like. You can also save the game in order to continue at a later point in time.
Unfortunately, there are only 13 levels to keep players occupied

I also really enjoyed the links to various Wikipedia articles and if you're into legends, history and amazing landscapes my guess that you will too.

Bottom line:

I was pleasantly surprised by Tobrix Drachenlauf. It's a fun puzzle app that makes a nice change from fast paced games that require a lot of motor skills. That said, it is really just a puzzle, so don't expect any big surprises. History buffs and bookworms will enjoy the links to lots of interesting Wikipedia articles.


Screen & Controls

Tobrix Drachenlauf is set up in a very user friendly manner. The design feels a little old fashioned, but I suppose this is in keeping with the general atmosphere of the game and I actually rather like the graphics!

I love the integration of the map and Wikipedia articles.


Speed & Stability

Tobrix Drachenlauf performs very well and we didn't trip over any rocks along the way.


Price/Performance Ratio

Tobrix Drachenlauf is available for free from the App Center and there are no ad banners.



Tobrix Drachenlauf – Puzzles, Mountains, Dragons Tobrix Drachenlauf – Puzzles, Mountains, Dragons Tobrix Drachenlauf – Puzzles, Mountains, Dragons Tobrix Drachenlauf – Puzzles, Mountains, Dragons Tobrix Drachenlauf – Puzzles, Mountains, Dragons Tobrix Drachenlauf – Puzzles, Mountains, Dragons

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