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Top 5 from the Forum: Honami i1, Pet Peeves, Mobile Carriers & Updates
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Top 5 from the Forum: Honami i1, Pet Peeves, Mobile Carriers & Updates

Every week we take a look at the top forum threads that created the most buzz and received the most reads. This week we discussed small smartphones will full-throttled tech specs, annoying pet peeves, mobile service providers around the globe, the ups and downs of wireless charging and finally the recommended update frequency for mobile browsers. Catch up on what you might have missed here!

top5 forum
The top 5 from our forum in case you missed it! © AndroidPIT

Monstrous minis: mini smartphones with full-sized specs

The upcoming Sony Honami i1 device is set to rock the flagship world with its crazy specs list, but we've just seen the leak of a full-specced mini version of the Honami, codenamed Ray 3. This mini flagship will destroy the S4 mini and One mini. Do you want to be able to get the full power of a flagship device on the mini version or do you think top-notch specs should only be found on the larger screen devices?

honami mini
The new Honami mini could start a new wave of high-end smartphones in small pacakges. © Sony/AndroidPIT

Your biggest pet peeves when people use smartphones?

Though we all love using our smartphone in our everyday lives, is there anything about those using their smartphone around you that you absolutely cannot stand? Whether it be an annoying Britney Spears ring tone or someone talking loudly when not appropriate, there is surely something that just really grinds your gears. We give you the opportunity to rant!

social smartphones2
Rude people on their smartphones: ''Look at me when I'm talking to you!'' © AndroidPIT

Which mobile service provider are you with?

It's interesting to compare which mobile service provider you are currently with and which plan you have? Some of our most active users in the forum aren't from the US at all and have allowed us to take a peak into which UK providers offer great plans.

Which mobile service provider do you go with and which plan are you on? © AndroidPIT

Wireless Charging

In this forum thread, our editor Anthony was curious to find out who out there uses wireless chargers, a inquiry which spouted a bout of questions, opinions and advice on the topic. Is wireless charging just a gimmick that doesn't work as efficiently as charging with a cable or are we looking at the future of charging for every smartphone?

Do you have a wireless charger? Is it a gimmick or does it really work? © AndroidPIT

How often do you think it's appropriate to update your mobile browser?

A member of our AndroidPIT community posed a good and relevant question for anyone looking to optimize and improve the performance of their mobile browser in order to get access to more content hassle-free. How often do you update yours?

chrome android aggiornamento
How often do you update your mobile browser? © Google
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