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Top 5 forum threads: calibrate battery, trending game, most used apps, Don't Tap the White Tile
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Top 5 forum threads: calibrate battery, trending game, most used apps, Don't Tap the White Tile

It’s been a fun week in the old AndroidPIT forum, we’ve helped some users out, we've beaten some high scores,someone posted a positively outrageous video of the original Super Mario Bros. being completed in under 5 minutes (that was me, and I’m crushed that none of you care). As always feel free to stop by and let us know what’s on YOUR mind. Here’s what else has been happening in the forum this week.

top5 forum
© AndroidPIT

What Android game are you playing right now?

Loie wants to know what games you are playing right now. Not which game you were playing yesterday, not which game you are going to play tomorrow. No, this is urgent. Loie wants to know what game you are playing RIGHT. NOW. What game are you playing right now?

androidpit candy crush saga cheat
King's puzzle game still hasn't been dethroned as most popular Android game in our forum. © King.com

How to calibrate your battery

Kris offered some handy tips on the often overlooked process of battery calibration, which also turned into some more general advice on battery care. It’s all good stuff you should be aware of. Check it.  

galaxy s4 mini 20
Samsung battrey life - forever in the news. © AndroidPIT

Don't tap the white tile

I started this thread after I very quickly became obsessed with Don’t tap the white tile, an Android game app seen at the Google I/O conference. I excitedly uploaded my scores to the forum thinking I was invincible. Alas my high-scores were quickly beaten, and I can’t deny it hurt. Have you started playing Don’t tap the white tile yet?

androidpit piano tiles
Don't tap the white tile is incredibly addictive. Be warned. © AndroidPIT / HU WEN ZENG

Which apps do you use the most?

If I download an Android app and it works I tend to stick with it. I’m not somebody who analyses and the pros and cons of multiple apps (unless I’m doing something like in my top 5 keyboard apps for faster typing article). But this week I wanted to know what other forum members were using most, to see if it was worth adopting anything new. If you’re yet to contribute, head over to the forum and let me know what you’ve been using.

android whatsapp2
No surprise: WhatsApp is one of our forum members most frequently used apps. © WhatsApp

Android boot animation looks like Windows 7

Kris noticed some striking similarities between Google’s new Android boot animation and another well known software company’s start-up video. It’s quite unbelievable and I don’t really understand how Google landed on this design. What are your thoughts?

microsoft office android
Are Google copying Microsoft? © AndroidPIT


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