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Top 5 Forum Threads of the Week

It's been a technical kind of week in the forums, based on our top forum threads of the last week. This shows us our readers are just as keen for specific information to help them handle their devices better as they are for the social and fun aspect of the Cafe AndroidPIT forums. So we'll keep posting technical information to better assist you with the most common requests and problems on your smartphones, and if you have a specific issue you're experiencing just start your own thread! The more input we get from readers the more we know what you want to see from us, and the more you can help each other the better our community becomes!

top5 forum
It's been a technical kind of week here at the AndroidPIT forums! / © AndroidPIT

What retro features would you like to see on new smartphones?

Samsung announced the new Galaxy Folder device recently, which is a dual-touchscreen flip phone. While the design may be a bit retro the specs certainly are not. Nevertheless, this announcement got us a little nostalgic over here and we asked you what features you'd like to see in smartphones again? But don't just have a read, add to the conversation!

galaxy folder side
The Galaxy Folder - bringin it back, old-skool. / © Samsung/clien.net

Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy S3

The majority of our readers own a Samsung Galaxy S3, and despite it being a fantastic device, sometimes there's a few bugs there's no other way to remove than to do a Factory Reset. So we thought we'd share some simple methods to do this, and you guys loved it. If you have any problems with your S3 that you can't figure out by surfing our forums, just post your own and we'll do our best to help you out.

S3 Teaser Update
Got some problems with your S3 and think you need to Factory reset? We've got you covered. / © AndroidPIT

Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy S4

The current favorite device of many AndroidPITters, the S4 isn't immune to freezes, stutters, malware or other weird things going on to interrupt your enjoyment of your flagship device. We showed you how to Factory reset your S4 through a couple of simple steps, and if this walkthrough isn't enough to solve the problem, we've got posts on Hard Resets too.

galaxyS4 LTEA3
Even shiny new devices like the S4 can use a Factory Reset every now and then./ © Samsung Mobile

How do I follow AndroidPIT?

We're a pretty sociable bunch over here at AndroidPIT, managing not only the website but a whole stream of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. We also have the AndroidPIT app for your smartphone, and you can check out the various language website's videos even if you don't know the language. This video on the S4 Active, for example is an instant classic!

androidpit maskottchen
We're awesome, you're awesome, let's be friends! / © AndroidPIT

New and improved look for the AndroidPIT app test reviews!

We made some changes to the way our app test reviews look and feel, with better results at a glance and a simpler rating system. So if you're checking out app reviews on the fly and don't have the time to read through our reviewer's in-depth analysis, you can still get the essential information in the blink of an eye.

app test review
The new look design of the app test reviews! / © AndroidPIT

Considering the popularity of the Factory Reset posts this week and the update tutorials last week, we wanted to know what are the main problems you're having with your smartphone and what forum topics would you like us to create to answer them!

What's the biggest problem you have with your smartphone?
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