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Top 5 of the week: HTC One, Glass, HTC Butterfly, Facebook & GIFs
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Top 5 of the week: HTC One, Glass, HTC Butterfly, Facebook & GIFs

This week with AndroidPIT we got hassled by Samsung Galaxy S4 fans, learned about the technology behind Google Glass, took an in-depth look at a new cool device and tested out the new Facebook Home launcher. Did you miss anything this week?

androidpit thumbs up
 © AndroidPIT

5 Reasons Why the HTC One is a Better Bet Than the Galaxy S4

This got a little tense this week with Steven's article, which flat out ripped a big one out of the Samsung Galaxy S4, making bold comments on how the HTC One is way better. Comments got heated and perhaps a few tears were shed, but at the end of the day, it's all about freedom of speech.  

This caused feuds between editor and reader. © AndroidPIT

Infographic: How Google Glasses Work

Google Glass, a topic for many heated debates, were explained in a trusty infograph. Most of the technology running these spectacles were revealed, except for some curiously eluding facts: how the heck do you turn the darn thing on?

google glass sunglasses2
>More information about how Glass works in the article.© Google

Facebook Home put to the test: looks nice, lacks depth!

Facebook, we love it and hate it and now it wants to take one more step deeper into our lives, well at least as far as smartphones go. Last week Zuckerberg wanted to throw people's faces around and this week we threw Facebook home around in our test. What we discovered was something nice looking on the outside. On the other hand, isn't this how things are now-a-days anyways in world where appearances do matter?

Is this your home? © Facebook

[App Test] Cinemagram your boring pics into GIFs

Let's not forget that us Android users are passionate app users. We love games, photo editing, puzzles, note taking, wallpapers and the list goes on. What's great about most Android apps is that they're available for free, unlike many iOS apps (boo Apple!) We presented our viewers with Cinemagram, an app that allows you to create your own cool GIFs to then post on Facebook, Twitter etc.

cinemagram android' © Cinemagram

HTC Butterfly Review

Edwin got down and dirty this week with the HTC Butterfly and provided us with an elaborate and detailed review, leaving nothing out. He really got a good grasp of its different specifications, raving about the 5'' HD Super LCD 3 display, the awesome 8 megapixel camera with added features for that ''wow'' factor and lastly, an intelligent conclusion, in which you really get a good feel of what this headset is all about.

htc butterfly dach

What do you think of the topics that we cover? What other articles would you like to see here? Our world is your oyster.

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