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Top 5 Tower Defense games on Android

Authored by: Leila Pierre — May 14, 2013

While Plants vs Zombies 2 has had a successful launch and a great fan following, it's an excellent time to discuss the best tower defense games available for Android. The principle of a tower defense game is simple: the player must defend a point against a regular and continual enemy invasion. To do so, the player must place "defense towers" at strategic places to kill them the incoming wave and stop the advance of the enemy. Different waves, points earned and a parallel upgrading of enemies and towers make it all exciting. Best of all, Google Play is full of Tower Defense games!

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Tower Defense: Lost Earth

Place your towers strategically leave nothing to chance during an alien invasion! / © Google Play Store

Tower Defense is one of the classics of the genre, and one of the only bearing the trademark name. It is a series developed by Com2uS. In this game, you’re on a mission on another planet and defend yourself against the aliens. In Tower Defense: Lost Earth,  you get to choose from 9 different towers and face off against 10 different enemy units, while fighting across 5 different worlds (mountain, desert, ice, earth and volcanic lava).

Jelly Defense

Little jelly monsters won’t let you pass! / © Google Play Store

Are funny graphics more of your type of thing? If so, you'll love Jelly Defense. It follows the same principles of a classic Tower defense game, but this time your towers are all made of….. jelly. And the enemies you need to stop? Also made of jelly! Crazy, I know! The atmosphere and music are absolutely amazing and complete the game. 

Plants vs Zombies

Discover why this is one of the most popular tower defense of GPlay. / © Google Play Store

The most popular of all of the tower defense games on the market, it's most likely due the hilarious/ridiculous choice of characters. Take the battle to the lawn and pit your plants against wave after wave of zombies. Your team includes printers plants, potato mines, and a countless number of other zacky defenders ... it doesn’t matter what you choose, each and every “tower” has another amusing twist. 

Babel Rising 3D

Stop enemies from ascending the tower  / © Google Play Store

In the “unusual” category, Babel Rising 3D continues to offer the principal of a tower defense game, but this time you’re at the doors of Babel. Your job, to prevent the heathens from climbing the tower to the top by knocking them off the stairs. 

Lair Defense Dungeon

Put yourself in the shoes of Khaleesi and raise your dragons  / © Google Play Store

A medieval atmosphere mixed with a fantasy twist are the main traits of this tower defense game. Put yourself into the shoes of a dragon and help defeat evil humans by burning them, setting them on fire, charring, and surprisingly enough, by freezing them. Another plus for this game: you can raise a baby dragon from it’s wee beginnings and transform it into a monstrous behemoth!

With most of these games, you’ll notice that they are paid apps, but honestly, the few cents or dollars that you would spend on them will give you hours of entertainment. Check them out and develop your strategy skills while saving the world. Have fun!

Before writing for the French page, Leila studied political sciences and journalism. Passionate about video games since her first Game Boy Pocket Color and Pokemon Red (she's still a big fan), her current all time favorite game is Batman Arkham Asylum for Xbox 360. On rainy days, her interests lean more towards cooking "Asparagus cream, espuma of smoked bacon" and other delicacies. Needless to say: cooking apps are at the top of her list.


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  • Anthony 10 months ago Link to comment

    another good games is Bloons Tower Defense 5

  • Bilarus Tompus May 17, 2013 Link to comment

    Great Games All Of Them!!

    I Recomment Also The Game " Anomaly Korea " ! Its The Opposite Gameplay Of A TD Game... You Set A Wave Of Forces And Navigate Them Though A Map Of Streets And Towers.

    Great Game And Awesome Graphics!
    Worth A Look ;)

  • cristian avila May 14, 2013 Link to comment


  • Yusuf Fishir May 14, 2013 Link to comment

    I've been looking for a nice TD game for awhile lol and the reason Im now downloading Lair is because Im guessing it's based off of Game of Thrones (Which I just started watching 4 days ago and caught up to S3 Ep7) xD Hope it feeds my boredom at work! Thanks :3