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Top New Games in the Google Play Store

Authored by: Christiane Scherch — Jul 13, 2013

Just in time for the weekend, here are the latest games from the Google Play Store to keep you entertained on your mobile device. Please note, some cost money! Have fun!

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We've got all the best games lined up for you for the weekend. © AndroidPIT

Tiny Thief

In the point-and-click game Tiny Thief you slip into the role of a young hero who must face various puzzles. You collect items such as fruit baskets and musical instruments along the way to aid in your quest. In the medieval world of comics, you utilize your noble knight tricks to outsmart your opponents, and of course, save the princess at the end.

Use your knightly skills to bamboozle your opponents in Tiny Thief. / © AndroidPIT

With the sweet main character and the lovingly designed game world, the game quickly convinces and casts a spell that will keep you enchanted. Tiny Thief currently comprises six different adventures with multiple levels and costs $3.50 USD/2,69 Euro in the Google Play Store.

Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight, a complex flight simulator, now comes to your Android tablet. In the beginning, you'll have to make a few crash landings until you become fully familiar with the various controls. In my first test, it worked, ah...not so good, but this may possibly be due to my lack of piloting experience. Maybe.

It's just as well there were no passengers on my pioneer voyage in Infinite Flight.  / © AndroidPIT

The simulator provides a lot of configuration options, different aircraft and beautifully crafted 3D scenes. You can define the weather conditions yourself, as well as the shipping weight of the aircraft. The app costs $5.00 USD/3,84 Euro. Infinite Flight presents all of the same things that the more expensive apps do, but it would be nice to have an introduction mode where the controls could be a little more user-friendly for beginners!

Inferno +

Inferno + is a twin-stick shooter, where you move your fighter and shoot with touchscreen controls. There are 40 levels in a futuristic and visually stunning 3D world in which you must defend your hero against robots and human enemies. Along the way you can visit stations to get equipped with shields and weapons to make it to your next destination.

Inferno + provides a visually stunning experience. / © AndroidPIT

The game features totally convincing gameplay with elaborate lighting effects and diverse animations. There is also an online mode in which you must try to reach the goal in less than 90 seconds to get on the leader board. The game currently costs $2.35 USD/1,79 Euro in the Google Play Store.

Dr. Driving

In Dr. Driving, you really have to prove your vehicular dexterity. Those who already know Dr. Parking 2 will know what's going on: you must navigate a predetermined route through a densely trafficked city (relatively) unscathed. With each small curb that you hit, the mission begins from scratch and your car takes damage. You can use coins collected in the game to get the dents repaired in the workshop and get back on the road.

dr driving
Brush up on your driving skills from the comfort of your lounge room with Dr. Driving. / © AndroidPIT

You can also play different missions, such as "speed parking," "drift," or try to drive in petrol saving mode. All in all, a realistic driving game with good graphics and most important of all, free.


We've all seen games based on movies, but now we have a game based on an album. French electro DJ Kavinsky introduces a retro-look street fighter game to play as you listen to his music on your smartphone. The game brings some action-packed levels where you play as Kavinsky and square off against some shady figures as you negotiate the mean streets of downtown LA.

Outrun meets Miami Vice meets Street Fighter with brand new beats in Kavinsky.  / © AndroidPIT

The soundtrack by Kavinsky from the album 'Outrun' accompanies you with electronic beats as you work your way through the dark downtown levels. There are also several bonus levels to mix things up. The game is free and is reminiscent of classic older video games, however, gameplay can be a bit slow with the touchscreen joystick.

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