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Top Widgets for Amateur Photographers

Authored by: Leila Pierre — Aug 17, 2013

Is taking pictures on your smartphone your thing? Always looking for new fun ways to play with the photos you've taken? Got a few minutes to spare? This week we've pulled together a short list of the best Android widgets for having some fun with your smartphone camera.

Xperia Ray 8
When half your photos are taken on a smartphone you've got to have some fun with them! / © AndroidPit

UVA Silent Widget Camera Free

Do you have a smartphone that has no physical button to take a photo? And when it comes to the decisive moment, you always miss it because it takes too long to open the camera application? If this sounds familiar, then we've got a little something just for you: UVA Silent Widget Camera Free.

What you gain in discretion, you lose in image quality. / © AndroidPIT

Once you place the widget on your home screen, you simply have to keep your finger on it to take a photo: there's no application to open or focusing to do. It's basically like a high-res screen capture but produces lower quality pictures than the default camera app on your smartphone. Still, it's pretty fun, and another advantage: it is silent...

Animated Photo Frame Widget

This widget offers to make your smartphone screen into a digital picture frame. Choose the picture you want to put in, resize it, crop it, choose your framing, and voila!

Your digital photo frame on the home screen. / © AndroidPIT

You can also scroll through several photos in an album or in your camera gallery, and select from various transition effects. Simple fun for your snaps.


A widget that allows you once again to select a photo and put it on your screen. Except that it will bring some minor random changes to the image. You're advised to take a portrait of yourself, because the effect is funnier as you appear in various scenes. I've never seen anything particularly hilarious, but the effects are nice in any case. You can choose to adapt the changes especially for men, women, children or horror effects.

Random funny effects will be made to your pictures every 5 minutes. / © AndroidPIT

The image update occurs every six minutes but you'll need to invest in the premium version to really access more fun. Warning: not suitable for tablets, the widget is too small and is not resizable.

I wish I could have also included the Flickr widget, and been able to enjoy the beautiful pictures hosted there directly on the screen without opening the app, but unfortunately this widget does not exist. Flickr, are you listening? If you know of any others, just let me know!

Before writing for the French page, Leila studied political sciences and journalism. Passionate about video games since her first Game Boy Pocket Color and Pokemon Red (she's still a big fan), her current all time favorite game is Batman Arkham Asylum for Xbox 360. On rainy days, her interests lean more towards cooking "Asparagus cream, espuma of smoked bacon" and other delicacies. Needless to say: cooking apps are at the top of her list.

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