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Toy Truck Rally 3D - Dodge obstacles in your childhood toy truck

Toy cars have been in the lives of pretty much every little boy. In those early days, the kid imagined that they were driving the car themselves, irregardless of how dangerous or fast-paced the driving was. Toy Truck Rally 3D presents exactly that concept in a racing game. You won't be driving real cars, but heavy-duty monster truck toys.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0 1.4.1

Features & Use

Test devices: Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9100G)

Android version: 4.1.2

Root: no

Applicable from version 2.1 and higher.

Now your childhood dream has come true. Since the expectations are extremely high, many racing games for smartphones do it wrong and don't live up to expectation. Toy Truck Rally 3D is one of the most popular free apps in the Play Store, but unfortunately I can only give it a passing grade. But what are the reasons for such low marks?

You find yourself once again (after many years perhaps) back in the seat of a miniature truck. The first thing that is noticed is the fact that you aren't actually racing, but simply avoiding obstacles in a very well-rendered 3D environment. For those who were expected a hot-wheels race, then I'm sorry to say that you are in the wrong alley.

In the beginning, dodging obstacles is a pretty easy feet. Ski jumps and roadside shacks are easy to conquer. Down the road in the game, you need to surmount pipes, graves and half-pipes. The tracks need to be completed in a certain time frame. The ultimate killers are the ventilators and as soon as you hit one, it's game over. Just like other racing games, there are power-ups. These will give you a boost and other bonuses.

You can control your truck in two different ways. Depending on what you prefer, you can do on-screen steering with buttons to accelerate, turn, as well as go backwards. The other option would be to use your smartphone acceleration sensors. Both ways worked impeccably. Having had a lot of practice with other racing games helps a lot too. On the negative side, the game suddenly switches camera perspective when in reverse. This is something that a lot of games have and I actually hate it.

That's pretty much all there is to write. Other than overcoming or avoiding obstacles, the player needs to pay attention that they don't go too quickly or lose control, since the truck can easily roll over. The graphics are well done, but isn't at all a diamond in the rough. Solo-driving on the other hand is something else and I personally like the excitement that it brings with it. The physics are OK, but not very good. All in all, I'm more disappointed than excited about this little car toy game.

Bottom Line

Toy Truck Rally 3D is a app that is worth playing, but at the same time, is in no way very special. For gamers who are looking for an adrenaline rush, this isn't the game for you. The idea behind the game is quite good, but I would say it's more average than fresh and intuitive. For me, this means yet another racing game that I tried out and is yet again a disappointment. This is an app you can play once in a while.

Screen & Controls

There were really no big problems when controlling Toy Truck Rally 3D. For a racing game, everything worked quite well, even though the camera for in reverse was a tad annoying. The menu and tabs worked well with the overall design, but was really nothing to write home about.

Speed & Stability

Toy Truck Rally 3D worked smoothly and without hinges the entire time. It didn't crash once.

Price/Performance Ratio

The app is available for free in the Play Store. There's no harm in trying Toy Truck Rally 3D, but after a while, you'll probably get bored.


Toy Truck Rally 3D - Dodge obstacles in your childhood toy truck Toy Truck Rally 3D - Dodge obstacles in your childhood toy truck Toy Truck Rally 3D - Dodge obstacles in your childhood toy truck Toy Truck Rally 3D - Dodge obstacles in your childhood toy truck Toy Truck Rally 3D - Dodge obstacles in your childhood toy truck


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