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Train Conductor 2: USA – A childhood fantasy becomes a virtual reality

When you were a kid did you also dream of being a train conductor someday? Well, Train Conductor 2: USA lets you live out your childhood fantasy, virtually at least.

The goal is to conduct as many trains as possible on the correct rails and avoid collisions.

How long can this app manage to keep users entertained and how exactly does the game work? Find out in our review.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.0 1.5.2

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1

The main display shows a map of the USA that reveals all levels and locations that have to do with the game. There are eight levels in total which are activated as you play and successfully complete the lower levels. The higher levels become more and more challenging.

The goal is to conduct as many trains as you can; this is what helps determine whether the next level will be activated.

Every level comes with an additional “challenge” mode option which is activated once certain tasks have been accomplished, e.g. all levels must be activated or you must have successfully navigated at least five gold trains.

The game in and of itself is relatively simple: you'll see a bunch of tracks from a bird's eye perspective. Trains arrive onscreen; trains are numbered and most have a colour scheme and must be relayed to the appropriate track by swiping a finger across the display.

Every level has its own particularities that make it a bit more challenging. If that's not enough, the trains themselves speed up and under this added pressure you might just accidentally push a train to the wrong track and end the game.
In order to activate the next level you will have had to to have successfully navigated a certain amount of trains.

A nice detail: prior to each level a fun little intro explains the ins and outs and you can do a trial and navigate a few trains.

Settings are easy to manage seeing as the only options are setting music and sound effects and connection the app to Twitter and/or Facebook.
The Facebook connection is pushed within the app seeing as an integrated Facebook account lets you compare scores and highscores with others.

Bottom line:

Train Conductor 2: USA is great because despite a simple gameplay it's nicely diversified. The levels are all different as are the sound effects and graphics, making the game great for in between things as a time killer, but also as something to play for longer periods of time, and not just for kids.


Screen & Controls

The Train Conductor 2: USA design is simply stellar. It looks great on the HD display of the Galaxy Nexus and the animations are cute to boot. There's a also a good sound which underlines the story.
A well deserved five stars in this category!


Speed & Stability

Both speed and stability are good and Train Conductor 2: USA does not come with any major loading times.


Price/Performance Ratio

Train Conductor 2: USA usually costs EUR 1.63 but seeing as it's our app of the week (until September 30th, 2012) you can download it for only EUR 0.79 from out AndroidPIT App Center!

If you're curious but not quite certain you wish commit to a pay-for version why not give the free version a spin. The free version does not have as many features but the same amount of levels as the full version.



Train Conductor 2: USA – A childhood fantasy becomes a virtual reality Train Conductor 2: USA – A childhood fantasy becomes a virtual reality Train Conductor 2: USA – A childhood fantasy becomes a virtual reality Train Conductor 2: USA – A childhood fantasy becomes a virtual reality


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    Deactivated Account Sep 25, 2012 Link to comment

    Hi Cyrus,

    you need to download and install the AndroidPIT App Center first.
    If you have any questions regarding this please ask them in our forum.

    Best of luck and enjoy the game!

  • i paid the app but i dont have app center. cant download it pls help

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