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Trial Xtreme 3

Trial Xtreme 3

Picture this: you're cruising along on a chopper, on some deserted road far away from the nearest city. As per usual, there can only be one winner.

Showcase your skills and knack for anything related to speed in Trial Xtreme 3.



Reviewed version Latest version
4.5 7.7

Features & Use

Slip into the biker shoes of a skilled motorcycle rider whose life takes place on the open road where a number of opponents will challenge you to a race. There are three scenarios to choose from, each containing several race options, including racing on the beach or by a harbour, in the wild or sporting trails.

The important thing is to keep calm and concentrate on avoiding obstacles. And don't forget to enjoy the creative design in 3D optics.

Obstacles include jumping over cars, zipping beneath buildings, bridging large gorges, and simply adapting your style to the tracks so as not to crash and burn. Various opponents present challenges, and if you manage to win you make money that can then be used to buy outfits and accessories, pimp out your vehicle or even buy a new chopper.

Bottom line:

One thing is for certain: you won't get bored playing Trial Xtreme 3. The design is great and the game is varied enough to keep players entertained for longer periods of time.


Screen & Controls

Big thumbs up for the Trial Xtreme 3 graphics, especially considering that this game is free.

Controls are also quite good and easy enough to get the hang of.

You've probably gathered that I quite enjoy Trial Xtreme 3: A free 3D racing game is all right in my book.

When you start up the app you will find a sort of garage. Combine the app with Facebook, buy other games read throught the fine print. The sound/effects can also be regulated here, and you can check out the the available motorcycles and clothing. You can also look at how how other users are doing.

Another important option: Choosing an opponent. Have a look who you're up agains tand what they're particular skill set is.

As for controlling a bike, the gas pedal is on the right lower side of the display and there are buttons for doing jumps and balancing.

Finally, there's an option for purchasing more tools, accessories and clothes in the game shop.


Speed & Stability

The first time I attempted to play Trial Xtreme 3 I had to wait a jolly long time before anything happened. The app took ages loading. Once it finally did, however, the app's speed proved to be fine.

The graphics are great and there are quite a few options, so you will have to take possible loading times into account.

The app can occasionally lag during the game.


Price/Performance Ratio

Trial Xtreme 3 is free for download from Google Play. Ads are displayed throughout the game, sometimes even taking up the entire display.



Trial Xtreme 3 Trial Xtreme 3 Trial Xtreme 3 Trial Xtreme 3 Trial Xtreme 3

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