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How to root the LG G2: tutorial

How to root the LG G2: tutorial

The LG G2 is one of the best smartphones around, competing against Samsung and HTC, and integrates a whole load of functions. Offered at a lower price than its rivals, it managed to lure many Android fans. Here is how to root the LG G2 and the good news is, it’s super simple!

root lg g2
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Rooting your phone has a few risks: if you don’t follow the steps as prescribed below, you could find yourself with a useless brick. What’s more, there is usually no data loss during this procedure, however, to be on the safe side, performing a full backup of your files, pictures, docs etc beforehand is recommended. Neither AndroidPIT nor I will be held responsible for any damages that may happen.


Install the LG G2 drivers correctly: this is essential. In order to do this, simply install the drivers which can be found here: www.lg.com. This can take a few minutes, which is normal.


The root tool for the LG G2: ioroot10.zip

Root the LG G2

1. Start by activating the developer options of your device, by going to Settings → System → About device → Hardware information. Once you find yourself in the menu, you need to tap on model number eight times or until you receive the message indicating that the developer options have been activated.

androidpit lg g2 root 2
The Developer options menu will appear once you have tapped on the model number enough times. © AndroidPIT

2. Go to the General menu and tap on Developer options. Activate USB debugging and confirm with yes in the pop up window.

androidpit lg g2 root 1
If the USB debugging mode is grey, deactivate and activate the developer options found at the top right corner of the menu. © AndroidPIT

3. Download and decompress the archive found in the Download section and you will find a list of files that you can leave as they appear.

root lg g2 folder
This root tutorial is super simple thanks to the developer thecubed from the XDA developer forum. / © AndroidPIT

4. Connect your LG G2 to your PC via USB.

5. Launch the file root.bat which is found among the decompressed files.

6. The procedure will run on the device, displaying information up until it gives you the option to press a key.

root lg g2 3 E
There will be time when you will just a have to sit back and be patient as the process does its thing. / © AndroidPIT

7. When you see this picture...

root lg g2 4
"Now, please unplug USB, go to Developer options and disable USB debugging and re-enable it. Once you have done this, re-plug your usb...." / © AndroidPIT

...detach your G2 and deactivate the USB debugging mode, like you did in step 2, then connect your smartphone to your PC again.

8. Press any key on the keyboard.

9. A message will appear about the warranty, press on any key to continue.

Please note: at this exact moment, you will have root access via ADB, which means via commands made from your computer. Here we are looking to get access right from the smartphone, which means we need to let it continue.

root lg g2 5
Press any key on the keyboard and you're done! / © AndroidPIT

10. Once this message above is displayed, it means that your LG G2 has been rooted, congrats!

In order to verify whether the procedure worked well, you can check the presence of root access using the SuperSU application, or Root Checker.

lg g2 root root checker
© AndroidPIT

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Source: XDA Forum

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  • A bit late on the rooting wagon for the G2, but I'm hitting a roadblock. I've tried it twice already. Though it hasn't worked twice, thankful I haven't bricked the phone. But, following the instructions by every letter, it still fails. Root checker says I'm not rooted. The superuser app installed, but the SuperSU app is not installed. Says that /system/bin/su file does not exist. Anybody have any ideas?

  • Great tutorial!
    But you have an mistake: "...detach your G2 and deactivate the USB debugging mode, like you did in step 2, then connect your smartphone to your PC again."
    What you are missing is: re-activate USB debugging mode.

  • How long does it take for this procedure to do its thing? It has been hours.....

  • wild Feb 26, 2014 Link to comment

    Will this root toolkit work on lg g2 d80210e-ESA?

  • Hi.. tks for ur step by step.. anyway, i want to revise ur 1st step about looking for "developer options" . It is not under Hardware -> Model Number but under Software Information, and klick the "Build Number" eight time. sorry for my english.

  • Will this process work for the Verizon -G2?

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