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Tweak your system thanks to  AutoKiller Memory Optimizer
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Tweak your system thanks to AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

Relax, I’m not trying to fool you into thinking that a task killer is really a tweak. Don’t be fooled by the ‘AutoKiller’ part of the app’s name, focus on the other words instead, because AutoKiller Memory Optimizer will allow you to fiddle around and make a few adjustments. Read on and find out what kind of adjustments I’m talking about, and whether the app is worth your time.


Reviewed version Latest version
5.2 Varies with device

Features & Use

Test device: HTC Wildfire
Android Version: 2.1
App requires at least: 1.0
Authorizations: legitimate
Root: necessary

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer is there to help you bring your system up to par by conducting a bit of fine tuning. The app comes with a task manager. Use the task manager to get rid of lagging processes, the logic behind this being that if you’ve got something running that’s not really doing anything useful, but does consume 98% of the CPU as well as a hefty chunk of memory you should really unload energy hoggers. Your system will thank you by running smoothly. The task manager also displays the oom_value for ever app—more details below.

The app allows you to regulate the settings for the OOM killer, the automatic killer integrated in every Android device whose role it is to create more memory space wherever possible. As you know, in the Android world applications are never halted or shut down, they are merely rendered inactive—until the memory pipes up and the Out Of Memory Killer rears its head. But when does memory shortage become critical? And who decides which apps should be banished, and when should this occur? If you want to make these types of decisions yourself take a look at AutoKiller Memory Optimizer.

Android divides running apps into six categories ranging from the app that you’re currently working with to ‘empty apps’ (i.e. apps that you left by hitting the back button at some point). Once RAM space becomes too low the OOM killer will start by banishing said empty apps, and, if need be, continue working its way up. AutoKiller Memory Optimizer lets you decide how much free RAM space is required for your device run smoothly. There are different presettings to pick from (‘moderate’, ‘aggressive’, etc) and you can check out the developer’s website to read up on user experiences.

Bottom line:

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer affords you easy access to essential systems settings, allowing your Android to perform as optimally as possible. How essential this kind of app is is contingent on lots of factors: which device you’re working with, how good the manufacturer’s presettings are and what can be done to adjust them.

Screen & Controls

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer is set up in a very logical way. While high skilled, expert knowledge of Android isn’t essential in order to get the best performance out of the controls, it doesn’t hurt to have some experience. You can find in depth information and details regarding the settings options on the developer’s website, which means that you really don’t need much background knowledge in order to get something out of this app.

If you have a bit of experience you will find that the app’s controls are intuitive; if you’ve never worked with tweaking before I recommend that you give this app a miss.

Speed & Stability

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer is fast, stabil and dependable. I’ve been using the app for just over a month and it hasn’t crashed once so far.

Price/Performance Ratio

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer can be downloaded for free, but there are some restrictions: not all settings can be used automatically when starting up the app for the first time, but the can be used manually. If you are prepared to donate 2,50 British Pounds you will receive an activation code.

I’ve had really good experiences with the support so far. I sent off an error report and received an answer with suggestions (that helped me sort out the problem I was having) shortly thereafter.



Tweak your system thanks to  AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Tweak your system thanks to  AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Tweak your system thanks to  AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Tweak your system thanks to  AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

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