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TweetCaster Pro for Twitter: it's come a long way!

TweetCaster Pro for Twitter: it's come a long way!

Even next to huge competition like Facebook or Google, the Twitter's social network still manages to steadily increase its popularity. It seems as thought Twitter is always showing its face in the media, whether in a positive light (Hash tags blended into the expensive Superbowl commercials) or in a negative light (token limitation).

Whether or not TweetCaster Pro for Twitter is the jack of all trades device for Twitter Clients, you'll find that out by reading today's test review!


Reviewed version Latest version
7.1.0 Varies with device

Features & Use

If you take a look at our last test review, you'll be able to see how time really flies by. At the time, almost one year ago, Michael wrote the following bottom line:

Tweetcaster Pro doesn't really offer anything new, simply all the features that you would expect from a Twitter app. On the other hand, it does offers one or two useful functions, which I've never encountered in any other Twitter app. For this reasons, the app is very clear and very appealing.

The main question I asked myself while installing the app is this: does TweetCaster Pro for Twitter still offer the same functions, which are expected of a Twitter app and whether or not Tweetcaster still offers the functions, which make it unique among the huge array of other Twitter clients.

Before I start my app test review, I need to get something off of my chest. We here at AndroidPIT value what our readers have to say and I make my own personal battle, to ensure that the Tweetcaster is read about by a lot of our followers. Our user team takes into account all suggestions, then creates an agenda of which apps need to be tested. This means that certain wishes can only be fulfilled after a little while, since the ''new-comers'' like Carbon or Falcon Pro are top priority. The final question remains of whether or not the application really brings the goodies to the table. What's more, applications like Tweetcaster Pro require a lengthy examination. This can take a while and for applications like this one being presented today, it's really worth it to not skip any steps.

I'd also like to add that I've already had a long on/off relationship with Tweetcaster. This app always finds its way back to my smartphone, to then be replaced by a newer alternative. What doesn't seem to be a huge problem yet is the token count limitation via Twitter, without taking into consideration the enormous installation process. Falcon has already succumbed to this fate and its still only written in the stars whether or not it will happen to Tweetcaster. This could happen tomorrow or never, our magic ball hasn't predicted the future.

Let's get back to our actual test review. TweetCaster Pro came out of our testing as a stand up champ and regarding its functionality, we consider it to be a two thumbs up application. There are basically no missing functions. Of course, you could comment on the missing push notification, but this is just a mere blip in the big picture of functions. And I still hear the same whining after ever rating I do. This problem seems to happen with many applications and it's something that really personally annoys me. If I want to rate an app, then I will! Constantly reminding me of this fact is not necessary, dear developers! A zoom function within the browsers would also have been a good idea. Thanks!

OK, enough playing around, back to the real deal. The fact that there are so few things to critique and that the ratings is the only big criticized point, shows how copious TweetCaster's functionality really is. The number of functions that this app offers breaks the mold in comparison to other standard apps. Most Twitter clients have certain aspects like retweet, lists and mute functions. Well TweetCaster offers yet another one.

Within this app, it is possible to snatch a tweet from nearby surrounding.This is a function, which is lacking with most other apps, for those quieter moments in your timeline. You can simply take a peek into other nearby Twitter apps. It also offers a built-in multi-user function. Here, I would've preferred a stronger integration in its operation as a whole. Though this isn't only problem for TweetCaster. It effects pretty much all Twitter clients.

Another personal highlight are the statistics found under ''My Stats''. These statistics are put together by TweetCaster and do more than just cover all of the Tweetcaster's tweets reads. Here you have the ''Top Tweeter'' within your friends, as well as a chart of the top people, with whom the most conversations were had. Among all Twitter's clients, I give a big thumbs up to Tweetcaster's developers for creating this function. Personally, I've been searching a long time for an application that offers the capability to summarize my tweeting behavior and Tweetcaster was the only one that does. The function allowing you to stagger tweets is also one that I've only encountered with this app and it really enriches the entire Twitter experience.

The list of functions goes on for miles and contains other aspects like the very practical internal browser or the option to individually organize notifications. Tweetcaster offers something for every user and is overall a very good app, which brings us to our bottom line.

Bottom Line

TweetCaster Pro for Twitter is an astounding application. On the side of functionality, this mobile wonder integrates copious functions to put into practice in the world of social networks. There are just a few small things to criticize (in particularly the missing push button). This only slightly taints the overall picture of this amazing app. And even those small things cannot stop me from raving about it.

Because of the many unique features that it brings to the table, like the statistic reports or the option to show tweets from neighboring surroundings, TweetCaster Pro belongs to a group of avant-garde Twitter clients. Falcon Pro, Echofon and Carbon could learn a thing or two.

Screen & Controls

As much as we can praise TweetCaster Pro for Twitter for its various functions, the app is charged with a having controls and a graphic presentation, which don't live up to expectation.

Our dilemma starts with our first look at the app. Though it did borrow Android's holo-style, it failed to completely follow through when rendering a good display. Because of this, the whole surface has a tacky feel. The application could use a good UI refresher. It certainly stands in the shadows design-wise of similar apps like Carbon or Echofon.

If you're already booing the graphic presentation's design, things will get even hairier when getting into the controls. It almost pains me to see that the application doesn't offer swyping between individual columns. Why they chose not to do this remains one of the developer’s many secrets. The user is always forced to submit an additional entry. When using bigger displays, your poor thumbs need to bend in uncomfortable angles, in order to attain the upper bar.

You might ask yourself, why did I rank TweetCaster Pro for Twitter with 4 stars? This is a relatively easy question answer:

  1. The application contains an adaptable widget and a tablet surface.
  2. Three stars would've been too few for this application, which simply deserves more.

Speed & Stability

TweetCaster Pro for Twitter ran very smoothly during the test.

Price/Performance Ratio

TweetCaster Pro for Twitter is available for 3.66 Euros. The free trial of bought version is hardly comparable, except for the pop-ups. That being said, I believe it holds a very good price/performance ratio.



TweetCaster Pro for Twitter: it's come a long way! TweetCaster Pro for Twitter: it's come a long way! TweetCaster Pro for Twitter: it's come a long way! TweetCaster Pro for Twitter: it's come a long way! TweetCaster Pro for Twitter: it's come a long way!

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