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Twitter Updates Android and iPhone Apps


Twitter released an update yesterday for both Android and iPhone apps, which integrates new features to make finding information and searching much easier. Twitter have commented that they have taken special notice of the amount of people tweeting while on the go, such as in trains, coffee shops, and other locations, and updated the application with features to make things easier for on the go tweeting (can I actually say tweeting?).

A lot of people who use Twitter on their PC are probably very used to using the Discover tab (found on to help users find out what tweets their followers have retweeted or marked into their favorites list. With the new update, the Discover tab should also provide more transparency and ease of use according to Twitter Product Manager Sung Hu Kim. Not only that, but the tab can also tell you who your followers are following and adding to their lists.

Twitter also made changes to the search function, and the app update was actually designed to let users see suggestions for different spellings, or related terms for their searches. The Connect tab is also set up to auto-complete entries if typing in the first and last names of users.

The update doesn't change much in terms of Twitter's UI, but the changes certainly are a welcome addition to an app that I use on a daily basis. It's very good to see Twitter actively improving their mobile application, and hopefully Facebook and Google + will continue to do the same.

Now if only Twitter, Facebook, and Google + would finally release optimized tablet versions of their apps....

You can download Twitter from the Androidpit Market here.

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  • Whoops! Totally righ! Will amend the post now. Thanks bud! Made a mistake there. Fixed it now! :-D

  • Ti Mo Apr 27, 2012 Link to comment

    "With the new update, the Discover tab is also included in the application"

    That's been in the application for months

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