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UMi Super: a combination of 9 top brand components – only $179.99

UMi Super: a combination of 9 top brand components – only $179.99

Are you looking for a 4 GB RAM flagship killer in a tough and beautiful metallic body at a great price? Well take a look at the UMi Super, the latest flagship smartphone from UMi, which combines major components from nine different brands.

UMi Super is made with an aerospace-class aluminum frame

The UMi Super body is designed using a custom diamond knife that makes the trimming dazzling. The triple 3D polishing makes the body look delicate yet sturdy. It's sprayed five times with precision, accurately bringing it to 0.02 mm in thickness. This makes the surface smoother and more durable. The mechanical and manual polishing ensures a perfectly rounded arc.

umi 2
You can see the meticulous precision in the design of the UMi Super / © UMi

Sony® 4000 mAh battery with PE+ Quick Charge

The UMi Super uses a 4000 mAh battery from Sony to ensure safety while you're enjoying its long-lasting beauty. Do you worry about charging time? Well, the UMi Super offers PE+ Quick Charge technology so it can easily be fully charged within an hour.

FOXCONN® USB Type-C: convenient to use, faster transfers

The UMi Super uses technology from FOXCONN to offer the fastest transmission while charging the battery or transferring documents to your laptop.

umi 3
The battery is charged within one hour and gives you 12 solid hours of internet use. / © UMi

SHARP® Sunlight display offers a greater gamut 

The UMi Super features a high color saturation of 95 percent with the NTSC gamut SHARP display. The 5.5-inch Full-HD screen will bring you an unprecedented sense of delicacy. Having a tough time seeing your screen under sunlight at maximum brightness? Well, the Sunlight Display feature on the UMi Super is what you need.

Panasonic® 13 MP high speed camera captures faster, clearer photos

With the addition of the Panasonic 13 MP high speed camera, the UMi Super allows you to capture precious memories with photos and videos anytime and anywhere you like, even in low-light conditions.

umi 4
The high speed Panasonic camera takes sharp pictures. / © UMi

Mediatek® flagship-grade CPU: Helio P10

The UMi Super is powered by the brand new Helio P10 octa-core processor from Mediatek. The Cortex-A53 CPU and the ARM Mali-T860 MP2 700 MHz complement each other perfectly, resulting in its unexpectedly high AnTuTu score. With eMMC 5.1 flash memory and ultra-large 4 GB of RAM, the UMi Super can easily handle all situations and perform incredibly fast.

Samsung® 4 GB of LPDDR3 RAM

Instant app launches on the UMi Super are just the beginning. Video playback and gaming are also extremely fluid and responsive on the Helio P10 octa-core processor with the Samsung LPDDR3 700 MHz GPU.

Micoarray® 4th generation secure and accurate 3D fingerprint sensor

The UMi Super is equipped with a highly precise 4th generation 3D fingerprint sensor from Micoarray. This technology is capable of recognizing fingerprints in a tenth of a second with maximum accuracy. The scanner can quickly unlock the device and protect access to certain programs as quickly as in 0.1 seconds.

umi 5
The fingerprint sensor opens the device in 0.1 seconds. / © UMi

The latest software from Google®: Android 6.0

All UMi smartphones have a very important feature – they are sold with a clean Android OS and no launcher interfaces (e.g. HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, etc.) or unnecessary software. The UMi Super is quite exceptional. It comes with stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow. When you purchase this device you won't have to get a launcher or wrap your head around its particularities.

umi 6
The UMi Super comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow right out of the box. / © UMi

The retail price is $249.99 but $70 off with subscription

The UMi Super arrived on the global market, including major online shops like Amazon and AliExpress, on May 25. Pre-orders for this new smartphone in gold or dark gray were made available from May 25 with a nice extra – free delivery. The UMi Super will be priced at just $249.99. But now you can also subscribe to get $70 off.

umi 15
Get the UMi Super at a big discount starting May 25. / © UMi

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  • es buen movil, pero como tengo poco dinero y quiero un cel bueno voy a por el Bluboo maya

  • Ordered mine on 6/3, received it 6/11. The good: Hardware build is excellent. While the handset is a bit heavy, it looks great and feels very good in the hand. Performance is snappy and I didn't see any lag that I normally see on Android handsets running 6.0 that have less than 2GB of RAM. Screen is bright and clear, and honestly, a better fit for the entire package than a 2K screen. Battery life seemed about what you'd expect - a full day plus anywhere from another quarter to half day before depletion. The camera took sharp pictures, but the color temperature was off on all stills and video. It had a yellowish hue to it, and made for generally unpleasant output. Hopefully their tech's are working on a fix for this. There was only one other negative, and that was the lack of bands for this phone to be usable in the US. It has support for 3G on AT&T, but with only one band, I often found my data connection dropping. And of course, being limited to 3G sucks when you have device this speedy and capable. So, in the end, I ended up sending it back. Hopefully Umi is going to release a version of this handset with better LTE compatibility here in the states, because this phone would give One Plus and Huawei's devices a run for their money.

    • Hello Ted, thanks for your brief review. Sorry to hear about those drawbacks. Among them, I thought that a 4Ah battery could have last longer... Do you have an estimate for the SoT? Was it heavy use of mostly surfing? Thanks

  • storm Jun 4, 2016 Link to comment

    Poor LTE compatibility in the US

  • Ordered. We'll see how good or bad this thing really is in about 2-3 weeks.

    • Tom S Jun 4, 2016 Link to comment

      I am seriously thinking about it too. Could you give us an honest review when you get it on your hands, please?

  • What about updates? Do they even care about us after the sale? Yeah, and I would buy one only after seeing some detailed review video's and a thourough camera / video testing. How good is this camera in low light video recording??

    Tom SDeactivated Account

    • Sorry can't answer your other questions since I don't have the phone even though I want it. UMi Super, Max and the new UMi Plus are going to receive OTA update to Android Nougat on December 24th this year!

  • For this kind of spec cost only 180?! Seriously???? It's Super

  • Wow, a super phone indeed. But I'd like to see a comparison with the ZTE Axus 7, as well as with the Huawei P9 Plus.

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