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UMIDIGI Z PRO: Live Photo is the camera feature you want
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UMIDIGI Z PRO: Live Photo is the camera feature you want

Let’s face it, the thing we use our phones for the most, after messaging that is, is taking pictures, with games coming in at a close third. Nowadays, no one really owns a digital camera, because smartphones come with great cameras and great features to make breath-taking pictures, which you can share with your social networks. The UMIDIGI Z PRO is an Android phone that fulfills those photographic needs. Among its wealth of camera features, it has one that makes it stand out from the crowd: Live Photo.

Make your pictures come to life with Live Photo on the UMIDIGI Z PRO. / © UMI

Just like we have seen on the iPhone from Apple, Live Shot is a feature that brings your pictures to life. In fact, every picture you take with the UMIDIGI Z PRO is a Live Photo by default. What is Live Photo exactly? Well, the camera app captures one and a half seconds either before or after the picture is taken with the 13 MP lens. When you tap on the image in your gallery, you will see picture animated. What this does it gives you the awesome backstory behind the picture, letting you partake in the sometimes funny, hilarious, romantic, candid, or perhaps suspenseful or scary moments right before or after a shot. For example, that moment right before a kiss, or before you bungee off a bridge, or the amazing leap of a football player before he makes the touchdown, these little snippets of time are often very captivating and tells a lot about the picture you are seeing.

Other cool camera features on the UMIDIGI Z PRO include black and white pictures taken with the built-in monochromatic lens, 3D images and Bokeh effects. If the camera is the feature you consider the most important with a phone, then the UMIDIGI Z PRO, with its low cost, could be the next phone for you.

Tomorrow the pre-sale begins and don't forget to participate in our AndroidPIT contest to win a free one.

What do you think about the UMIDIGI Z PRO? Is this a phone you might consider purchasing?


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  • I have bought both the Umi Plus and the Umi Z from banggood and can say the Z is really a top notch phone. The three things I wasn't satisfied with on the Plus was the camera and the music curcuits and the sensitivity of the screen. These three minuses on the Plus are now corrected on the Z, the screen is as sensitive as the screen of my Nokia Windows phone, wich is a real premium phone, the camera seems to be quite good. The sound quality is really improved, haven't really seen this in the advertising and didn't really think it would have been improved but it is a really good music player now, wich is really important to me. I can honestly recommend this phone instead of the Samsungs and whatever they are called, the Android installed is also really clean without all the unwanted apps from" the other ones".

  • Interesting. It would be a leap of faith for Umi; they always try to make it decent and cheap but so far not found its own identity .. ( For me it is agm with ruggeds of 160 euros) ... Now Umi is trying to define themselves ... I hope they do well: we can always use more offer :)

  • So let's see how far this feature goes. I know a few folks with iPhones and not one has ever said oooh you have to check out the live shot. Not one. So I'm not sure about this yet not having had the chance to experience it. Guess I'll keep an open mind to see how much traction this feature can get.

    • I know multiple iPhone users, and several are all about the live photo feature. Personally, I would jump at the chance to have an Android phone with the live photo feature. Add to that the additional photographic toys included, and if it performs as promised, you'll have a serious contender!