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Under pressure, iFixit withdraws its Galaxy Fold teardown
Samsung Galaxy Fold Hardware 2 min read 1 Comment

Under pressure, iFixit withdraws its Galaxy Fold teardown

The iFixit website has caught the world's attention by showing the manufacturing defects of the Galaxy Fold, its famous folding smartphone that has seen its reputation drop in recent days. iFixit has deleted its article on dismantling the device. Was Samsung's pressure too much to handle?

Not surprisingly, Samsung has not appreciated everything that has been said about it lately. First, testers who encounted problems with their screen, then iFixit who disassemble (in the true sense of the word) the device to highlight all its defects. Samsung therefore complained to the supplier who offered a model of the Galaxy Fold to iFixit for the latter to delete its article.

samsung galaxy fold ifixit 03
This is what it looks like. / © iFixit

Samsung has not created a smartphone as good as it is supposed to be (especially at such an astronomical price), and on top of that censors those who dare to demonstrate its flaws.

In any event, iFixit makes it clear that it did not delete its article following a direct request from Samsung, nor that the supplier forced it to do so, but nevertheless chose to do so "out of respect". The details are not known, but sometimes some sacrifices must be made to maintain good relationships.

What do you think of iFixit's reaction?

Source: iFixit

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  • Well I posted the iFixit link when the Samsung Fold was a Hot Topic (as in getting coverage regarding its screen problems!), so Samsung bullying iFixit to take the article down is proof that you shouldn't invest in this device!

    I feel bad that iFixit is being bullied, but that article is up long enough for everyone to see (the only thing Samsung can do is build a better device, or don't bother to sell it!)