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Nexus 5 update trumps the Nexus 6 in our survey

We recently asked our readers which Nexus they would like to see more: the Nexus 6 as it stands, an updated Nexus 5 with better CPU and GPU, a Nexus 5 (2014) with improved specs as well as a better camera and battery, or what Google actually delivered: a big ass Nexus 6 and a stock standard Nexus 5.

nexus6 nexus5 comparison
It seems I'm not alone in wishing Google had updated the Nexus 5. © Google,ANDROIDPIT

The biggest surprise from the survey results was that just 1% are happy with the current Nexus lineup of Nexus 6 and Nexus 5. The biggest response was for a re-released Nexus 5 with updated specs and a better camera and battery, even if it cost more than the old one. Personally, I would have settled for the same camera and battery (and price) - but with an updated CPU, GPU and RAM - and that option received the second highest number of votes.

It's a pretty wide spread - showing that Google hasn't won everyone over with their Nexus choice this year. © ANDROIDPIT

The third and fourth most popular choices were for a Nexus 6 squeezed into a Nexus 5 body and the Nexus 5 as it already exists – showing there's still a lot of love around for the Nexus 5 design which we saw in another survey about the best looking Nexus. The votes then dropped off as we approached the current Nexus 5 with a price cut and the Nexus 6 as it is. Some of you will have seen the Droid Turbo recently – this is what I wish the Nexus 6 had been based on rather than a Moto X (2014) in a bigger chassis. Which raises the question: did Google make the right choice?

What do you think Google should have based the Nexus 6 on?  


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  • I've said it before and will say it again... Google should offer 2 sizes of phones and 2 sizes of tablets. So the Nexus 5 should get upgraded to 2015 specs, and the Nexus 7 should stay, with upgraded specs in 2015 as well. Respect for consumers preference would be a wise choice, and would generate additional revenues.

  • IMOO; I will buy something like the Nexus 5 for now UNTIL the new snapdragon 810's and 64-bit chip phone with 4GB's of ram come out around June of next year. If I am going to spend $700 on an ass kickin phone, it better have much better specs than just the Note 4 or the Nexus 6!

  • the nexus 6 is fine but they should have overhauled the 5 - at least with a bigger battery to keep up with everyone else. I will probably end up buying a OnePlus or even an Xperia Z2 over the N5 as they are cheaper with better specs and will get L (unless we ever see the Turbo as a global release of course!!)

  • Winkx Oct 30, 2014 Link to comment

    The smart thing would have been a n6 the size of the n5 but with the specs of the n6 and have a n6 and nexus x (being the 6" one) so everyone is happy...??