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New wearable can train your brain during the day to sleep better at night

New wearable can train your brain during the day to sleep better at night

URGONight, the world’s first daytime sleep training system that uses neurofeedback therapy with in-app exercises, claims it can train the brain to produce the brainwaves clinically associated with sleep. It sounds crazy, but it's real.

The wearable device, which looks similar to the Phillips SmartSleep, has been developed over four years by leading French neuroscientists and sleep experts. It helps people naturally learn to increase the brainwaves that impact sleep. The company says it can reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep by 40% and cut nighttime interruptions by half. Unlike the SmartSleep, however, the URGONight is meant to be worn during the day.

URGONight 1 1
Train your brain during the day to sleep better at night. / © URGOTECH

URGONight is calling this "neurofeedback therapy". The idea is to create a sophisticated daytime training program that provides a mental muscle workout that can help people strengthen the quality of sleep. Neurofeedback therapies use real-time displays of brainwave activity, audio and visual cues and reward strategies to teach people to identify and modify behavior to influence a desired outcome. They are used to treat and manage conditions such as ADHD as well as improve critical thinking, athletic capabilities and even musical performances.

This kind of therapy is usually carried out in a clinical environment in the presence of medical professionals, however, URGONight is attempting to bring this capability into your home. The device itself consists of a non-invasive Electroencephalogram (EEG) measuring headband connected to a training app. Sensors in the headband measure brainwave activity within the sensorimotor cortex of the user’s brain without producing sounds or waves itself.

URGONight 4 1
You use the app to play games and carry out training tasks. / © URGOTECH

You are supposed to wear it for 20 minutes a day, three times a week. Within the app, you can see your brainwaves in real-time before starting the 20-minute training exercises.  Training programs consist of games which feature tasks that are triggered when SMR waves are produced. Tasks range from growing leaves on trees, herding jellyfish and drawing relaxing patterns. You'll get scores and stats to track your progress.

Guirec Le Lous, Founder of URGOTECH, the company behind URGONight, said: "Just as you can train your body to run faster, jump higher, swim further or become more flexible, clinical studies have shown neurofeedback therapy can help people learn how to improve the quality of their sleep."

URGONight is available on presale now at Indiegogo at the 50% discounted early bird price of $249. It is expected to ship to backers at the end of the year and will be commercially available priced at $500 in 2020.

Would you like to try this device? Can you train your brain for better sleep? Let us know.

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