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User-Customizable Moto X to be Made in America

User-Customizable Moto X to be Made in America

Motorola, now under the Google umbrella, released an ad yesterday stating the much-hyped Moto X handset will be ''Designed by you. Assembled in the USA''. Under the banner ''The first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA is coming,'' a self-congratulatory text about Google's epic undertaking is followed by the new-look Motorola logo.  

moto x leak
One of the previously leaked images of the Moto X / © Phonearena

The ad is clearly designed to tap into the swelling emotions of Independence Day. Hoping to capitalize on an American sense of pride during Fourth of July celebrations, Motorola is essentially branding the Moto X as the ''American'' smartphone. But we already knew this.

The most interesting part of this ad is that the device can be designed by the consumer (although to what degree we don't yet fully know). This is another first for the Moto X, which should be released sometime in the next couple of months.

The user-defined build is linked in the ad to an American love of freedom. Creativity, uniqueness and control are all lovingly loaded on the consumer. And what self-made American wouldn't want a self-made phone in their pocket?

Colors Moto X
Are these the new colour back panels we can select from? / © nowhereelse.fr

Ok, sure. But picking case colors and adding engraving doesn't exactly scream 'freedom!' to me. Nor would it make me feel like I created the phone or designed it myself. I can already do these things after market, after all. I'll just assume there's more freedom to come, beyond memory capacity and pre-loaded wallpapers.

But combined with the move to base production in the USA, Moto X is clearly defining its target market. But whether all this American-made customization will alienate foreign audiences remains to be seen.

As Motorola gets its new image under Google's tutelage, the customizable ''Made In The USA'' tag could be a major selling point for the 'new' manufacturer. At least in the USA. A fact they're evidently quite proud of themselves.

Read the full text below:

moto x print ad 1 2
The self-made phone for the self-made American. / © Motorola

Would you buy a phone simply because it's built in your country? What features would you customize on a smartphone?

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  • And in case anyone's interested the German team at AndroidPIT have just posted some new leak photos of the Moto X case (do you think they're legit?):

  • Yeah I'm interested to see what else the new Motorola come up with in terms of pitching the brand now. It'll be good to finally see the Moto X and see how good these 'custom designs' are.

  • this is nice. motorola is one of the best telecom company,

  • I was hoping the "Customer Chooses What They Want" was referring to eliminating most of the bloat ware Android Smart Phones come with ("no bloatware" - now that would be a selling point) ...

  • Imran Jul 4, 2013 Link to comment

    When you see those cheap plastic covers you run away

  • Yeah, I think now that the cat is out of the bag we'll get a lot more information in the near future. But as you say, 'assembled' in the USA doesn't have much of a ring to it. It'll be interesting to see how well this strategy plays with buyers. Of course, if the phone is rock-solid who cares where it is put together!

  • sounds like a bunch of parts imported from China that can be configured on line through the Play store and assembled in a small facility on-shore so they can at least say 'assembled' in the USA. Not enough localised content or value-add to qualify for 'made' in the USA. or am I just too untrusting...?

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