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Scott Adam Gordon upvoted this comment 6 months ago
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) review: is it still worth buying in 2015? (+50 Points)
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8 reasons why Android is better than iOS (+50 Points)
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Why Apple needs Android (+50 Points)
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How Apple dropped the ball with the Apple Watch (+50 Points)
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Don't wear an Android watch just yet (+50 Points)
Scott Adam Gordon upvoted this comment Aug 28, 2014
Is Google spoiling us with 2 Nexus smartphones this year? (+50 Points)
Kris Carlon upvoted this comment Jun 30, 2014
WTF is up with Google's war on SD cards? (+50 Points)
Loie Favre upvoted this comment May 28, 2014
Has Android 4.4.3 been canceled on account of Android Lollipop? (+50 Points)

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