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Put Down the Smartphone and No One Gets Hurt

Smartphones at Concerts

So, you're at a concert, enjoying an amazing band, when the impulse hits to whip out your phone and record the moment forever. Here's a word of advice: DON'T! Just don't. I don't understand why anyone would rather watch a concert through the screen of their phone rather than experience it live, and you're probably never going to look at that video again, so why record it in the first place?!

Whipping out your phone at a concert is like giving up a 360 degree experience for a two dimensional relationship with a bunch of pixels. It makes no sense and, from a hedonist's perspective, SEVERELY limits your enjoyment of whatever gig you're attending. You just paid $30 to watch a band LIVE, not $30 to watch a band on a 4.5-INCH SCREEN!

Also, nobody cares about the concert video you just made. NOBODY! No one is going to want to watch it on your phone (especially when they can watch the concert on a little thing called, um, YouTube). Even on the newest phones, the quality WON'T be that great. And the clips won't be long enough for anyone to fully appreciate the experience you just had. You will likely delete the video anyway, so JUST DON'T DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

And another thing: it's ANNOYING! You're probably blocking someone's view with your hand. Most folks don't want to have a cell phone glaring them in the face while they're trying to enjoy a concert. Just STOP. PLEASE.

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