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Verizon and HTC Officially Unveil the Droid DNA

Verizon and HTC Officially Unveil the Droid DNA

Remember the Droid DNA that Verizon accidentally unveiled the other day? Well they officially announced it this morning, alongside the complete list of specs, the release date and the cost. To be honest, I’ve found myself oddly impressed by the asking price and the full list of features.

Verizon Droid DNA by HTC

The DNA is a whopping 5”, Android 4.1 smartphone with a true 1920x1080 HD display. If you must know, the screen is a Super LCD 3 panel, reinforced by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. With a PPI (pixels per inch) density of 440, the DNA currently has the highest rated pixel density in the entire mobile market.

Under the hood, is a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2GB of DDR2 RAM. There’s also the standard 16GB of internal storage, but HTC left out the micro-SD card slot, so there’s no option to use external storage. A 4G LTE radio means the DNA will make use of "Americas Fastest 4G Network."

The magnificent f/2.0 aperture, 8 megapixel camera and ImageChip processor from the One X are back, making another appearance in the DNA. It’s pretty much a given that the rear facing camera has the capacity to capture 1080p HD video, but the 2.1MP front facing camera can also capture video in HD too.

If you’re into the Beats Audio scene, then you’ll be happy to find that the Droid DNA is up to par on that front. Audiophiles will also be pleased to see that the DNA includes amplifiers to support the incremental boost in sound, through a headset or the local speakers.

HTC also outfitted the Droid DNA with wireless charging support, so you can drop the phone onto a charging pad to juice it up. Of course, the charging pad is sold separately so you’ll just be getting a boring, wired charger in the box.

There are plenty of other features too, namely HTCs new Sense 4+ UI which is a significant improvement over previous versions. HTC doesn’t have a product page for the DNA yet, so if you want more info you’ll have to hit up Verizon.

Verizon Droid DNA Unboxing Event

The HTC Droid DNA will be available for $199 with a new 2 year contract and service agreement, through Verizon (it’s hard to miss the obvious Verizon branding). You’ll have to wait until November 21st to get your hands on this bad boy, but you can pre-order beforehand, starting today. Although, the Verizon website does state that the device will ship by November 19th if you order within the next few days.

According to Verizon Wireless, they will still unbox the Droid DNA via a Google Hangout session on Monday, November 19th.

The lack of a microSD slot is a killer feature for me, but I'm still impressed by everything else the DNA has to offer. How do the rest of you feel?


UPDATE: HTC released a video that outlines the Droid DNAs biggest features. Check it out!

Source: Engadget

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  • the HTC EVO 4G has been a great model sold "No Contract" by both Virgin Mobile & Boost Mobile (both models come pre-loaded with ice cream sandwich software & if I read HTC's announcement correctly, then these models should be getting a Jelly Bean software update soon) ....

    I've been through Sprint, AT&T & Verizon ... it just feels natural go to "No Contract" now (cut my monthly bill in 1/2), Las Vegas is a tech savy town (free wifi everywhere) & Nevada has 4G lte service from Boulder City to Reno ....

    No SD Card Slot & no idea how long the Battery will last under heavy use (4 hours? 6 hours?) before needing to be recharged - those are the only negatives I can think about (well - that - & it took Verizon too damn long to get an Android Smart Phone on par with an HTC ONE X / ONE S) ...

    C J

  • The specs for the DNA are excellent and I personally love the way the phone looks. One report that said it was amazingly light. The display on my Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE (and the One X) is utterly fantastic but it looks as though HTC is going to set a new high water mark with the DNA. 440 PPI! It will be interesting to see if the 2200 ma battery will be able to keep up with it. The lack of SD card would be very tough for me, since I always have a lot of music on my phone.

    I ditched Verizon after 8 years for 2 reasons: no unlimited data plan and the way Big Red has fallen back to their previous hyper control and locked down mentality. It will be interesting to see if they ship the DNA with a bootloader that can't be unlocked, as they did with the Galaxy S3. No way I'll go with carrier that does that.

    I've been happy with Sprint and the LTE build-out in my city is almost finished. It would be nice if Sprint picks up the DNA and adds SD card , while leaving the clean design on the DNA.

  • Either then the fact there is no SD Card slot (16gig? @ least 20 - 32gig would've been nice), & nobody knows how long the battery will last while in use, it was about damn time Verizon came out with something with HTC on par (actually its better) with HTC ONE X (AT&T) HTC ONE S (T-Mobile) ...

    HTC Incredible 4G (as impressive as it is) was a lol on par with the iPhone5 - it just made you ask "is that all you want to offer" ... oh well, maybe the Dinc 4G will get moved to the "No Contract" market with Jelly Bean software (where it will sell strong) ...

    C J

  • I just read a story that says the "Amazon Ecosystem" will be built into Verizon's Android phones from now on.... starting with the Droid DNA. That's an interesting development and I wonder how well integrated it will be compared to Google's.

  • @Anthony- If it's available to your phone instantly it's through Google's streaming service which is one of the problems I'm referring to. If it's downloading to your phone for offline mode instantly, it's still a problem since Play won't let you choose where the music is saved. If you have to move it to SD card after the fact... that's not seamless.

    Simple truth. iTunes has this part down pat. You can open up iTunes on the phone, buy a song and it's instantly downloaded to the device, your PC, your iPad, your iPod or any other device you have. You don't have to stream the music. You actually own it (transferable to CD or any other brands device) and have full access to it without having to go through any extra steps at all.
    Since Apple got rid of the ridiculous DRM, iTunes is now basically flawless.

    Back on the subject of this Verizon Droid, I couldn't own it. My music would fill it completely unless I went through a lot of trouble to change all the songs to a lower bit rate. With iTunes, I can click a box and have all the songs reduced to 128 bit aac format, turning 14 gigs into 7 and reloaded on the phone. That's seamless.

  • @dvoraak-Play music is just as seamless as itunes . As soon as I download anything to my computer it is instantly available on my phone and vice versa

  • Imagine the power requirements for that sucker!

  • Still waiting for a phone with 651 ppi display !

  • Luckily, I've never had to employ the use of offline mode. *knock on wood*

  • LOL I could have guessed that. I love it and will keep using it. The alternative is buy from Google (or whomever), download to my pc, drag and drop to sd. With iTunes as soon as I buy it DoubleTwist has it.... press sync and VOILA! There's something to be said for simplicity (though still not as seamless as an iPhone with iTunes).

    It wouldn't be so bad if Google Play would let me decide where music gets stored for offline mode. WTF! OFFLINE MODE? I just wanna listen to my music without using data! How could you screw that up Google?

  • See, now you know how long it's been since I've used iTunes to get my music. I loathe iTunes by the way.

  • What DRM? That's a thing of the past. I drag and dropped 1700 (bought from Apple) songs from iTunes to my Note's SD card with no problem. Hell, if I couldn't take 'em with me I'd probably have to buy an iPhone 5.

  • Yeah, not being able to install apps to my external SD card really aggravates me and it always will. I don't quite understand why Google hasn't implemented support for it yet.

    I use Google Music for all my music streaming now, but I was lucky enough to have an existing unlimited data plan through Verizon which meant I got "doctored in." When I upgrade, I'll lose that. All I can say to that is GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    Apple is good about supporting media across multiple platforms, but the DRM is a pain.

  • I can't imagine what the problem would be with the design. It looks hot.

    Seriously though, somebody needs to design new clock/weather widgets. That same old tired widget with every new phone makes me wonder if any creativity went into the rest of the phone.

    I've been thinking about the SD card problem with so many new phones and tablets (so many come with SD card options but won't support app2sd so what's the point). It's Google's fault. More precisely, Google Play (and most Google anything) being geared toward cloud storage and streaming media. Why do you need storage on the device when Google is storing it all for you? Nevermind that unlimited data plans are quickly disappearing.

    This part Apple got right. Buy a song (in changeable format for more efficient storage) and instantly download it and have it synced to the cloud and every other device you have. They may overcharge for 32 gig and 64 gig devices, but at least you have the OPTION. Funny..... that used to be Android's selling point didn't it?

  • I love the the red and black, especially considering red is my favorite color. I was surprised to see lots of complaints about the design on other news sites when I was poking around for more info.

    I'm still amazed they left out the microSD expansion slot.

  • So that's what a Droid Does....

    It looks hot but I love red and black. The specs are respectable and then some.... except for that 16 gig part with no SD. That's a big ole' problem.

    I'd kill for a phone with that resolution but even if I was with Verizon I think I'd still go for Samsung's Note 2 and it's long list of features that aren't included with every other Android. It is a good price for the specs though and it's a smokin' phone. Wonder if that red and black thing will catch on.....

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