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Verizon's "Share Everything" Plan is a Scam

Verizon's "Share Everything" Plan is a Scam

Today Verizon debuted a new data plan. Called "Share Everything," it sounds like an order in Soviet Russia. "SHARE EVERYTHING WITH EVERYONE, COMRAD!" In reality, Verizon's new plan is just a scammy new spin on the family share plan. In true scam artist form, the new plan is so confusing that most folks won't even know how much money they're throwing down the drain. Here's how it works:

Under the new plan, folks first select a device. A smartphone, for example, costs a whopping $40. Then, consumers can choose a shared data plan, anywhere from $50 for 1GB to $100 for 10 GB to share among multiple devices. So, a plan for 2 smartphones plus 1GB of data would cost a whopping $140 or around $70 per phone for 500MB each. Of course, that price includes unlimited calling and texting, but I'm not sure if that makes up for the price hike.

As Chris Ziegler writes in The Verge, Verizon's new plan misses the mark intentionally. It's in the carrier's best interests not to offer exactly what consumers want so that they can charge more in overage fees. And when the nation's largest network unveils such a lackluster deal, it has an affect on other carriers as well. AT&T will likely create a similar plan in the future.

Most people would be better off just staying on an individual or prepaid plan.

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  • I tested a BOOST Mobile here in Las Vegas (& at Disneyland), I had no problem with the 4G service (& I even called Canada without a problem) & I can stay with a 2Gig limit per month. I don't know where you live (is it a Metropolitan area? are there enough Sprint Network hubs for BOOST to use?) which I could agree may pose limitations to your Android Smart Phone's service - but while my service with Verizon is a step up from AT&T? I don't think being charged $ 105 a month is reasonable (I think it's bollocks!) ...

    This Verizon Plan may be appropriate if you have a large family, however some of us here @ AndroidPit are a 2 person household (or a 1 person household); which I believe are the ones getting screwed over by this "new: plan. I think Consumers deserve an affordable unlimited plan ... .

    Some households can manage a budget better with either pre-pay, or an affordable plan through an alternative to Sprint - AT&T - TMobile - Verizon (Verizon may have one of the largest 4G Networks in North America, but I don't appreciate how they're treating their employees - & TMobile is just as guilty for deciding to close down Call Centers & farm work outside of America) ...

    I will applaud Verizon's start of a new Global Data Plan if you travel outside of the United States & require affordable cellular service (yet not everyone has a job that takes them all over the World). I would also like to applaud Verizon for coming out with the HTC Incredible 4G (it looks impressive & comes with Ice Cream Sandwich); however the phone is smaller then the HTC ONE X (AT&T) HTC ONE S (TMobile) & that's not innovation (that's just lazy) ....

  • > No, I am not an ad campaign for BOOST

    EXTREMELY limited WiMax 4G.
    Zero LTE 4G coverage.
    Even limited 3G coverage.

    What good is "a lower price" if coverage is so limited????

    Verizon has true 4G LTE in over 250 markets and more than 7 *THOUSAND* cities.

  • SIngle users get burned badly.
    2-phone households only get a slight increase in price.
    3-4 phone households actually get a price DECREASE.
    5-6 phone households starts saving more and more money.

    Verizon's goal: Force you into bigger and bigger group family plans.
    It's a lot harder to drop Verizon, and switch carriers and convince all 6 of your family members to
    all buy new phones, and all switch carriers, all on the same day.
    (Nearly impossible.... especially if everyone's contact ends in different months/years.)

  • This article is unfairly inflammatory. There is an obvious bias and as a "journalist" you should be ashamed of writing an article with such an obvious slant to it. "A SCAM" really?

  • Its tactics like this that are going to make Android Smart Phone users quit Verizon Wireless & check out BOOST (or CREDO - both use the Sprint Network) - even I am tempted to purchase that HTC EVO 4G (with Android 4.0) for $299.99 (BOOST Mobile) & start cutting my monthly Smart Phone Bill in half ...

    No, I am not an ad campaign for BOOST, but I am trying to make a point that there are alternatives to the Big 3 Cellular Service Providers who need to quit raping the wallets of consumers (seriously, our Government needs to put a cap on how much we get charged for so little service) ....


  • prepay its better you get everything unlimited for 50 $$

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