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This smart dash cam promises to keep you awake at the wheel

This smart dash cam promises to keep you awake at the wheel

The Vezo 360, which comes from ArVizon, is smart dash cam that uses AI to detect signs of drowsiness and alert drivers with alarms if they look like they are about to fall asleep at the wheel. The Korea-based tech startup has built a smart 360-degree dash cam that watches both the road and the driver at the same time.

The Vezo 360 has already raised for than $850,000 on IndieGoGo, and a new stretch goal of a further $225,000 has just been announced to add USB Type-C to the device. Pilot production is starting in June this year, with the first early bird backers set to receive their smart dash cams in September.

Vezo360 6 1
The Vezo 360 can be removed and reinstalled easily. / © ArVizon

The dash cam features a dual lens 360-degree camera. There's a lens on the front looking out of the windscreen, and one on the back watching the driver, each with a 180-degree field of view. Dash cams are growing in popularity as a means of providing evidence to insurance companies in case of a collision, as well as acting as a crime deterrent when the car is parked. It captures footage in 4K.

Vezo has 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi capabilities and connects to your phone. In the event of an accident,  suspicious activity, or break-in, Vezo automatically uploads footage to the cloud and sends a notification to the driver’s phone. It also means that Vezo's mobile app can provide instant access to a live stream of your car. A built-in GPS chip allows Vezo to show drivers where they parked in real time. You can also record footage onto a microSD card with support for up to 256 GB.

The dash cam has a magnetic mount that allows it to be installed (and removed) in any car. ArVizon CEO, Vivek Soni, said: "We really want people to think of the Vezo 360 as a camera that goes everywhere with you, not just a dashcam for your car. It’s a smart device that can be used in a number of different ways: as a dash cam, as an action cam, and as a camera to capture fun moments on  road trips." The camera is capable of taking a selfie of the driver and passenger whilst on the road, too.

Vezo360 8
Dash cams are also used as a deterrent to prevent theft or damage of vehicles. / © ArVizon

Is driver drowsiness a problem?

More than 330,000 accidents are caused by drowsy driving every year in the US alone, that's 7% of all automobile accidents and 16% of fatal crashes. ArVizon says that it is aiming to set new standards in automotive security by ensuring Vezo owners don’t become another statistic. Vezo 360’s proprietary technology constantly tracks the driver’s eyes and mouth and is smart enough to recognize and monitor the different levels of drowsiness and respond accordingly.

There are two models of the Vezo 360 are available - one with "artificial intelligence" to detect driver drowsiness and one without. The retail price is $299.82 in the US, but the Vezo 360 can be shipped worldwide.

What do you think of the Vezo 360? Let us know in the comments section below.

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