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Got a question about Viber? Ask whatever you like on our Viber app profile page!

Got a question about Viber? Ask whatever you like on our Viber app profile page!

Viber is a fantastic instant messaging app that lets you text, call and share pictures, videos and more with your friends for free. But it's not without its problems, and sometimes you just need a quick answer to a simple question to get things running smoothly again. This is where our AndroidPIT Viber app profile page comes in.

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Visit our Viber app profile page to get your questions answered. / © Viber

The Viber app profile page contains everything you need to know about this outstanding messaging app: featuring Q&As, reviews, testimonials, scores and similar app recommendations. If you've ever had a question about Viber, this is the place for answers, with experts on hand to help out. And if you fancy yourself a bit of an app expert, why not head over there and help someone else?

Here's a question that one user has already asked: Can I use Viber on a tablet as well as a smartphone?

Check out our app profile page for Viber and see what it's all about!

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  • How can i detect if the person im talking to has an incoming call, excuse is always poor connection, whats the diiference if its a poor signal or has incoming call

  • Hi,
    I accidentally deleted a message on viber with a contact that was not hidden. I tried back up to retrieve the message and all other conversations on viber were emailed to me but the one conversation I needed, was just a blank screen, no messages were backed up. I am confused why. Does this mean that I am a hidden chat on that person's viber? Would that have affected it? I have no hidden chats on viber so I don't understand why this conversation history did not appear. There are over 1700 messages between us, would this be the reason?

    Thank you if you are able to answer this question.

  • I installed viber desktop version , but i dont't see recieving messages

  • I had a viber account but i reseted my phone and i lost it can i activate it again with the same phone number?
    I tried to do ir but it says that you should update you viber even if i update it it doesnt work

  • I recently switched from iPhone to Android (same number). I lost all my conversations on Viber. Is there ANY way I can get them back? Because it is extremely urgent that I get back a certain conversation I had when using viber on my iPhone


  • I sent a message on Viber and it does not say sent nor delievered. Can this meaning that the person is having internet problems?Please help

  • Question. If you have 2 viber accounts with 2 diff service provider and its online at the same time does it mean that this will go offline as well at the same time? One of my friends viber account says that he is online
    like 3 hours ago and the other one says he is online 25 minutes ago. What does this mean? Can it be offline all at the same time?
    The other account says that it is online last 7:23am and the other one last 3:39am? If both of this were hooked in wifi it should be offline at the same time right?

  • Hi there, I wrote a message to a friend on viber and shortly after deleted my acount. The message had been delivered but not seen. Will my friend still see the message? if I reinstall will that message be sent?

  • I started getting a couple of spam messages every once in a while a few weeks ago & blocked the numbers without responding of course, but now I'm getting up to FIVE a day. They all offer FREE apple products with phone numbers to enter. At first I thought it was funny but now it's become a major pain in the ass.. Is anybody else getting this crap too?

  • HI!
    if i have a contact on viber but these contact dont have my number, can see that i can have it on viber? Also if someone block me do i receive any notification or just is not listed in my contacts anymore?

    • Hi Nasia,
      I was curious about the blocking too so I grabbed my wife's phone and blocked myself. It doesn't inform the person (me) that they have been blocked, but it did remove my wife from my contacts on Viber. Once I unblocked myself on her phone & sent a message to my phone from her phone she was returned to my Viber contacts. I hope this answered your question.

  • raana Mar 19, 2015 Link to comment

    Hi there
    Viber I have been active on the mobile phone and the format of the reasons Gvshym
    I have Viber installed it again to send the code, but the code is not accepted if the same code that was sent to me
    Now what should i do ????

  • thanks kevin

  • permissions like disable ur lock screen, access bluetooth setting, modify system settings, close other apps, modify or delete contents of ur usb storage, take pictures, record audio, approximate location ..!!

    • The permission you listed are mostly harmless.. The app needs to access bluetooth to make a bluetooth call. Pictures/camera to take and send pics via the app, etc

  • can we make a free call in Viber??

    • Lalit
      • Admin
      Nov 23, 2014 Link to comment

      Yes, you can make free calls over viber but you need to make sure that the person you are calling has also insalled the viber app.

  • why this app need soo many permissions...!! ??? just for messaging and internet calls

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