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[Video] Galaxy Note 2 Hands-On Proves Samsung Is Still On Cutting Edge
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Videos 2 min read 11 comments

[Video] Galaxy Note 2 Hands-On Proves Samsung Is Still On Cutting Edge

If you want to show friends why Android is still on the cutting edge, look no further than this comprehensive video, which covers all of the Galaxy Note 2's awesome new features in minute detail.

I think I can say, with complete honesty, that Samsung's latest and greatest device proves the company is just as – if not even more – capable of taking creative risks with their devices than Apple. As we've seen at the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung knows how to take an innovative product and make it even more innovative.

Not only did Samsung take a risk when they made the screen even larger, but the battery powering that screen got a significant upgrade to 3,100 mAh. Furthermore, by creating a 5.5" screen, Samsung is making it possible for owners to enjoy films in their 16:9 widescreen format  – a first for any phone. Say goodbye to those black bars.

Here are a few of the other Galaxy Note 2 features that I absolutely love:

  • Air View allows you to preview pictures, emails, appointments or videos before you open them.
  • Pop-Up notes can be instantly available just by taking the S-Pen out of its slot
  • Quick command lets you access a collection of commands simply by holding down the S-Pen's button and swiping up.
  • Best face allows you to pick the best shot of a series of 5 photo bursts, but it's even more advanced than that. If you're taking a photo of multiple people, you can choose which photo each person looks best in – and combine their best faces into a single photograph.

I know I'm going to come off as a fanboy (can't help it), but when has Apple released an update this comprehensive? iOS 6 was a poorly-copied version of Ice Cream Sandwich. And folks aren't expecting too many UI changes in the next iPhone. Nope: the real innovation is coming from Android and OEMs like Samsung. 

Take a look at all of these features (and more) in the video below:

(Top photo: CNET.com)

Source: YouTube


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  • One word: WANT.

  • @Dogukan, you'd have to appeal to google for that. Love it or hate it, all of the additional functionalities of the GNote are part of TouchWiz.

  • Dear Samsung, here you go again. You are once again close to violating the intellectual property rights of Apple with your GNote 2. Please be careful in your so called innovations. Features like playing video in a window you can move around and working on another program/app is an apple innovation. Same with AirView. They already exist in iMacs and Macbooks. I do not want to see you lose another billion because your GNote 2 infringed iMac and Macbook patents.

    Thank you.

  • Hi guys.If you are interested to finding out further information about GN2,
    DONT log on to www.samsung.com .Its simply not in their system.Bloody odd.
    Heads got to roll if you ask me for the guy whose in charge of stuff like this.
    If it was some other website it's excusable but this is Samsung for godsakes!

  • My God! Please add these features to the new Nexus please!

  • Fantastic! Simply fantastic!Its decided.This the one.
    It's been awhile now that I've been thinking of getting a new mobile phone.
    Seems that GN2 sales would only begin sometime latter this month or early
    next,in my country,Malaysia.
    I've already designed a bag to fit both my xperia arc and the GN2.I would be probably
    posting a video/photos of my custommade carry along just for the guys who've been
    whining about size and how to carry it.
    Samsung has set a standard in manufacturing and releasing an awesome communication
    tool.Its going to be hard for anyone to topple Samsung not even in their wildest
    crack powered dreams!

  • Wow Wow Wow! I hope the Moto or Samsung Nexus beats this. I really want to try a Nexus device but am in love with the Note 2

  • Merry Christmas to ME!

  • Makes me want the Galaxy Note 2 so much!!! Unfortunately, it's way to big for me... There's no way I could fit it in my pocket :( If only the Note came in 2 sizes... the default one and one in the size of the SII.

  • Apple does have innovation, when it comes to somehow taking on the jurors Al Capone's style!

  • bye crAPPLE hahaha