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From Copycat to Industry Leader: Charting Samsung's Meteoric Rise

Authored by: Steven Blum — Mar 26, 2013
samsung galaxy siv preorders
Selling like hot cakes? Already? / © Samsung

If you want to know why the Galaxy S4 is predicted to be such a global smash hit, it's helpful to know a bit more about the history of the Galaxy S models..

I still remember the first time I held the Galaxy S2. It was my second day working at AndroidPIT and I had asked a coworker if I could see her phone. Initially, I wasn't very impressed. The design was not as nice, I thought, compared to the HTC Evo 4G (clearly, I didn't know how to judge a smartphone at that point in my life). Still, I remember how HUGE the screen looked and how simple the design was. Unlike most of the other Android phones out there, the Galaxy S2 didn't look gimmicky; it was clear this was a phone for power users. Little did I know how much I would end up writing about it for the next year of my life. 

Since the Galaxy S2, Samsung has been on fire. The momentum hasn't let up an ounce since the day I began writing about phones. Sure there have been strong competitors (I remember oohing over the HTC Sensation, Galaxy Nexus, Droid RAZR and HTC Evo 3D when they were first announced) but none could seriously compete with the massive sales volumes of the Galaxy S line. 

The story hasn't changed much. Samsung is still on top, dominating the smartphone scene with Apple. But the design of the Galaxy S has gone from mediocre to outstanding. Sure, Samsung will never match the hardware materials of HTC (not that they even want to) but the Galaxy S has gone from drab to fab over the course of my tech writing career. The release of the Galaxy S3 only further proved this point. 

For a nice look at the evolution of the Galaxy S line of phones, check out the video below from the guys over at CNET. I think we can all agree that Samsung's phones have undergone massive change over the past two years and it's pretty fascinating to watch. Let us know what you think below!


Source: CNET

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