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Voice PRO

Authored by: Thomas Weissenbacher — Feb 18, 2013

Smartphones are far more than mere 2.0 mobile phones: Much like tablets, they're portable mini computers. That's why it makes sense to take full advantage of their functionality and use them as tools. Voice PRO brings a full fledged audio editor to your Android.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.7.2 3.3.12

Features & Use

Tested on
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Android version: 4.1.2
Root: Yes
Modifications: None
App details
Runs as of: 2.2
Post installation size: Ca. 38 MB
Optimised for Ice Cream Sandwich and/or Jellybean: Yes

Network coomunications
System tools: Deactivate sleep mode
Personal data

The Voice PRO permissions strike us as straightforward.

Voice PRO is one of those apps that proves how multidimensional smartphones have become. It can record audio and offers more features than the stock Android audio recorder: Pause recording, insert markings in specific places, increase the recording volume and select from various formats (WAV, MP3 and OGG). Moreover, there are options for adapting the quality for the different formats and really tailoring them according to one's own preferences (sampling frequency, audio channels, bitrate and automatic enhancement...). What will limit you is the quality of the built in mic. Still, audio recordings and even music recordings turned out pretty well on the Galaxy Note 2, even when recording distant or very subtle sounds. Results will no doubt vary from device to another.

But all of this is just a small part of the app; it's main features are revealed in post production! You can record tracks and save music and speech files. All of this works out great from the internal storage as with the SD card.

If you're seriously interested in working with Voice PRO, you will be interested to read about which features it has on board:

  • Equalizer, amplifier and regulator: these features allow you to activate the “Super Bass”, enhance the volume level and normalize the app for premium tracks.
  • Change tempo, speed and pitch: Self explanatory. The pitch will remain the same when the tempo is altered, the speed will affect it, however. The pitch can slo be adjusted independently of the other two.
  • Remove voices, reduce static: Please note that I was not able to remove voices at every attempt. The automatic algorithm can best deliver when the recording itself is clear and voices can be heard distinctly.
  • Reverse, delay: Reverses the entire track and delays individual audio tracks.

 There's a preview options to listen to all all effects before applying them. Recordings can be renamed, notes added, markings opened or saved to a folders.Tracks can also be connected so as they overlap. There's also a cloud feature that allows you to load Voice PRO to a server and then share it via Facebook or Twitter. All of this works out very nicely. We were also impressed by the app's editor which includes features such as cutting and inserting track mixes.

Bottom line:

Voice PRO is a very well made and large audio editor. Real professionals will want to combine it with software, but even hobby audio engineers can benefit from all Voice PRO has to offer. It's great for imporving audio recordings, for instance, and it's easy to use.

Screen & Controls

The app design stays try to the pure Android Holo design guidelines, as of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Practically this means a lot of black, dark grey, white and blue. The app looks sleek and minimal but nicely designed.

Controls are remarkably easy for an application of this scope. A few improvements could nonetheless be made: The main screen transports ot the settings, but the list view doesn't. Also effect selections are automatically ignored unless you replace the little tick in the box. Having said all of this, Voice PRO looks great and is nice and easy to use.


Speed & Stability

Voice PRO runs very smoothly. Audio effects can be set to run in the background whilst you carry on using the device normally. A small glitch: The app is often started up anew when opened, which is something I couldn't quite figure out, especially when you've only shifted the app to the background.


Price/Performance Ratio

Voice PRO usually goes for €9.90 here in the AndroidPIT App Center and Google Play Store. As our app of the week the app is now available for only €4.99, in otherwise we have a 50% off offer going at the moment. Plug-ins cost extra, and there are several to choose from, ranging from speach-to-text and supports for various formats (from €1.90-€9.90). The app and the extra features aren't exactly a steal but make perfect sense to invest in for users who need to work with a professional voice editor.



Voice PRO Voice PRO Voice PRO Voice PRO Voice PRO Voice PRO Voice PRO

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