Wavecade’s Frogly - don't you croak on me!

Authored by: Deactivated Account — Mar 31, 2010

As I was getting up this morning I was thinking to myself that it would be nice to do another test review... So I moseyed over to the Android Market, searching for a fun app to review.

About 15 minutes and several downloaded apps (well, okay, downloaded games, I was in the mood for testing a game) later, I was just about to give up. Do you know that feeling? You’re feeling bored and in the mood for playing a new game on your phone, you peruse through the Android Market but can’t quite find anything that really tickles your fancy?

Well, that’s just the way my day was going… until I found “Frogly”.

This review was written by Paulina Gegenheimer, a young high school student.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.58 1.79

Features & Use

Frogly is an entertaining little game; the objective is to catch as many as possible / all of the green flies buzzing about. At the same time you have to be careful not to eat any of the red flies, as these are poisonous and will cost your cute little frog one of his three lives. You can get the life back by impressing the sweet frog lady (the one sporting the charming pink bow). This is rather easily accomplished: all you need to do is catch all the flies that are buzzing around as soon as she shows up. But still… best not to lose any of those lives! :)

This is a fun way of passing time for anyone who’s not looking for anything that’s too challenging and enjoys nicely animated games which feature cute little frogs. I’m personally quite partial to Frogly.

So don’t be froggish and have a look!

Screen & Controls

It’s really easy to navigate the frog: all you have to do is tap the screen on the spot you want him to jump to… and he does it!

You can choose which level of difficulty you want to use. Before you start playing make your frog eat one of the following flies: the green fly is the easy one, the blue one is medium and the pink one is hard. The higher the level you choose, the more flies your frog will have to catch, and the more evil red flies are amongst the yummy green ones.

You can also choose whether you want the sound on or off—that being said, the sound merely consists of clicking noises when the frog snatches a fly, and occasional croaking sounds. I found the soundtrack to suit the game well, though… anything more complex would’ve been out of character.

I like Frogly’s design: it’s simple, but very cute.

Speed & Stability

I was very satisfied with the app’s speed. It’s stability, however, left a little something to be desired. Even though the game didn’t crash, I did encounter a few hangers, so that I had to completely start all over again, which had consequences on my score. It also happened that I couldn’t get Frogly to start.

Price/Performance Ratio

Like most of the apps I tend to review, Wavecade Frogly can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.




Wavecade’s Frogly - don't you croak on me! Wavecade’s Frogly - don't you croak on me! Wavecade’s Frogly - don't you croak on me! Wavecade’s Frogly - don't you croak on me! Wavecade’s Frogly - don't you croak on me! Wavecade’s Frogly - don't you croak on me!

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