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Weekend app deals: get them while they're hot!

The weekend is just about here, just a few more hours of work to go! And in anticipation of these happy few days off of carefree fun, we’ve found some app deals, lots of them just 99 cents, to start things off right. It can only go uphill from here.

I want to know what the hype is around NVIDIA Shield TV games.
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Double Dragon Trilogy - 0.99 USD

Double Dragon Trilogy Install on Google Play

R-TYPE - 0.99 USD

R-TYPE Install on Google Play

Another World - 0.99 USD

Another World Install on Google Play

Raiden Legacy - 0.99 USD

Raiden Legacy Install on Google Play

The Last Express - 0.99 USD

The Last Express Install on Google Play

InstaWeather Pro - 0.99 USD

Pro Weathershot : Instaweather Install on Google Play

Reactable mobile - 4.79 USD

Reactable mobile Install on Google Play

MeteoEarth - 0.99 USD

MeteoEarth Install on Google Play

Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) - 0.99 USD

Mobile Doc Scanner 3 + OCR Install on Google Play

Calendar Widget KEY - 1.00 USD

Calendar Widget KEY Install on Google Play

Have a great weekend!


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  • Mobile Doc Scanner has not changed its price. The price is still $4.99. Why?

    • Loie Favre
      • Admin
      • Staff
      Mar 3, 2014 Link to comment

      Hi! Sorry but this app deal has already expired. It was only available on Friday. We will keep our eyes open to see if it goes on sale again.

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